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Etheriest Villain Contest Empty Etheriest Villain Contest

Post by JerriLeah7 on 28th October 2015, 10:02 pm

Etheriest Villain Contest

Contest Duration:
Thursday, October 29th, 2015 - Tuesday, December 1st, 2015.

1st Place:
One Username Feature (1 Year), Secondary Rank Text of "GtR's Arch-Villain," & Custom Rank Image
2nd Place:
Secondary Rank Text of "Villainy Savant" & Custom Rank Image
3rd Place:
Secondary Rank Text of "Villainy Rising"

Hello and Welcome to the Etheriest Villain Contest! I will be opening a new role-play later this year (the Etheriest Role-Play) and it is need of villains. What better way to have more varied villains in a role-play than to have various creators? Check out the Etheriest Discussion Thread to learn about the role-play's setting and if there isn't enough setting information about the setting in there, simply post your questions in that topic and I'll answer all inquiries that you have.

Should you participate in this event, your character will be used in the role-play at some point in time, regardless if you win or not. The top three placements, however, will become some of the main villains that are more involved within the plot. If you're interested in this event, please feel free to post your submission in this thread during the contest period. Your character will be considered in the voting process if all of the contest rules are followed.

An important thing to understand is that I will be using all submissions as the role-play's creator and will not be usable by any other member without prior permission. In other words, your creations will be in my hands and if you have a problem with that or if it makes you uncomfortable, this isn't the contest for you. Otherwise, enjoy the event!

Contest Rules

• One character submission per member.
• Use the layout listed below.
• Use all of the requirements expressed in the layout sample below.
• Your villain submission must not be too similar in concept to one that is already submitted.
• Etheriest Powers/Abilities must be limited to a single, specific gift.
• The character must fit into the role-play setting.
• No weapons, unless your character has no offensive abilities whatsoever.
• No guns.

Character Layout Information

[h2]Etheriest Villain[/h2]

[b]Weapons (if any):[/b]

[b]Etheriest Class:[/b]
[b]Etheriest Ability:[/b]
[b]Ability Description:[/b]

[b]Signature Spells/Abilities:[/b]


[b]Back Story:[/b]

Etheriest Villain

Name: List your character's name and/or nickname(s).
Age: List your character's age and how old they appear, physically.
Gender: List your character's gender and gender identity.
Appearance: Describe your character's height, weight, hair and eye color, skin color, and general clothing choices. A picture can be added, but all of the information must also be provided.

Occupation: What is your character's job? If they don't have one, who supports them?
Residence: Do you live in a house, apartment, or dormitory?
Abilities:/Skills: All combative and non-combative skills, hobbies, and interests should be listed here.
Weapons (if any): What weapons do you have? What are your weapon proficiencies?

Etheriest Class: EC1-5, Choose One
Etheriest Ability: What is your power called? Ex. "Fury Fire," "Stone Retribution," etc.
Ability Description: Describe your ability and provide examples of how it will be used, both in and out of battle. At least eight lines (in preview of a post) must be written to provide details on how the ability works. Then, you must list three weaknesses and three strengths of of this ability, in general. (Ex. Movement limitations, Range limitations, Target limitations, etc.)

Signature Spells/Abilities: These are abilities or spells that only this NPC can use. No other character that has a similar ability will be able to use them. There must be at least three lines explaining what each spell does and what casting it looks like.
Spell/Ability 1 (Begginer Etheriest)
Spell/Ability 2 (Stable Etheriest)
Spell/Ability 3 (Experienced Etheriest)
Spell/Ability 4 (Advanced Etheriest)
Spell/Ability 5 (Master Etheriest)

Personality: To complete this field, please complete this Personality Test and answer each question as if you were your character. Then, take the quiz results and use them to assist you in explaining your character's personality with detail.

What is this NPC's personality? What are their quirks? Motivations? Fears? You must have at least six lines of text written to provide enough detail for my use.

Back Story: What is the history of your NPC and how do they fit into the setting? You must have at least five lines of text written to provide enough back story for my use.

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Etheriest Villain Contest Empty Re: Etheriest Villain Contest

Post by Vye on 6th November 2015, 6:11 pm

Etheriest Villain

Name: Rubin Hagring
Age: 17
Gender: M
Appearance: 5ft 9in tall, 98 lbs, Brown hair that's short in the front and braided into a pony tail in the back, Steele Blue eyes, Light-skinned, Usually wears an assortment of dress-casual trousers and short-sleeved shirts with comfortable leather shoes, but he often likes to dress in the fashion shown in the picture when going out and about.
Etheriest Villain Contest Duo

Occupation: Student, Test subject and Recruiter
Residence: 2-room apartment 5 miles from Delacroix University
Abilities:/Skills: Knowledgeable in aura and ether, skilled in etheriest combat as well as hand-to-hand combat, particularly in Sambo and Judo, high charisma and social skills, able to use his words to manipulate others, partakes in swimming as a sport
Weapons (if any): N/A

Etheriest Class: EC2
Etheriest Ability: Shadow Force
Ability Description: Call upon the shadows to fight for the user. The shadows take whatever form the user imagines while moving as swift as air and silent as a moth. The shadows normally appear gaseous, but they are as tangible as liquid water. The size and number of shadows depends on the skill and mental fortitude of the user. Of course, the longer the shadows remain summoned, the more ether is consumed. The shadows can also travel along surfaces as if they're naturally occurring, but they have a distinctively cold feeling. They absorb incoming light, but intense light forces them to retreat.

Signature Spells/Abilities:
• Whisp - Summons 1 or more thinly figured, humanoid shadows to fight for, and defend the summoner. They normally use melee attacks, using simple, straightforward fighting techniques. Whisps weaponnize their limbs by turning them into blades, claws, axes, etc. But the range of weapons is only limited by the summoner's immagination. When summoned, whisps can act on their own, or follow commands from the summoner.

• Chilling Grasp - Summons a shadow to latch itself onto the user's arm and take the form of large talons. The taloned appendage can extend as far as the user can command, so long as the user has enough ether. The strength of the talons depends on the skill and mental fortitude of the user, with an EC1 user being able to crush rocks or snap elephant bones.

• Black Night - Summons a massive shadow in the shape of a warrior in ironclad armor. It protects its summoner using a large convex shield and a spear that's as tall as the shadow itself. The guardian stands close to its master, blocking physical and magical non-piercing attacks.

• Aglaope, and Thelxiepeia – Sends forth 2 shadows, each taking the shape of the mythical siren. They travel along the ground, weaving and swerving enchantingly towards their target(s). Once the target makes contact with the shadows, they wrap themselves around the victim in a constricting embrace of death.

Personality: Despite Rubin's ominous ability, the etheriest is open and sociable with those that he speaks with. He's open to talking about anything except the training facility and what occurs there. He especially enjoys talking about thriller movies and mythology. Unusually optimistic at times, Ruben almost always wears a smile that can warm the heart, and instill fear. It’s hard to get on Ruben’s bad side, but whenever he’s experiencing withdrawal from his “supplements”, he becomes increasingly aggressive and peevish. Due to his mild selfishness and unique upbringing, Ruben is more comfortable using morally subjective methods to achieve his goals. During a fight, Ruben likes to push himself and his opponent to the point of risking both of their lives, treating every combat as a way to test his and his opponent’s strength.

Back Story: Born to a single mother who works at a discrete training and research facility, Ruben spent his childhood learning how to use his ether ability to kill in the most efficient way possible. As soon as his ability manifested, he trained and trained under the guidance of a drill sergeant and other instructors, turning his ether, and his own body, into a slaughter machine. All the while, Ruben was studied by researchers looking for a way to push the boundaries of etheriest combat, and give their government’s army the upper hand.

In this facility, often referred to as "The Crucible" by its members and staff, test subjects eat, drink, and sleep onsite. The Crucible is hidden out in the middle of the wilderness with personnel and supplies transported by ground or by air. Due to the exploitative nature of the research's results, everyone involved are sworn to an oath of secrecy, and subjects are rarely allowed to leave the complex. In order to keep their subjects "complacent", researchers try catering to their member's hobbies and interests, permitting time after training and benchmarking to relax and wind down. All the while, subjects are periodically given supplements that boost physical strength as well as making one more sensitive to his/her aura. These supplements are intentionally infused with psychoactive chemicals that produce a sensation of dependency and anxiety after a certain amount of time passes. When one experiences withdrawal from their supplement, the effects depend on the individual.

Thanks to funding from a certain source, The Crucible offers plenty of room, good food, solid equipment, and security, but the only thing that isn't offered to its subjects is freedom. Usually, subjects learn to accept their environment and actually appreciate it, but the more rebellious subjects end up either isolated for further study or preserved in cryo-stasis for some extreme experiments.

Ruben came to know many other etheriests through the research program, but nobody was closer to him than his mother, Hestia. Despite the grueling training, Hestia always comforted her son, encouraging him to find positivity in any situation. Even though Hestia registered her child for the research program, she never let anyone treat Ruben like he was less human. Thanks to her administrative powers, she was able to protect Ruben from some of the atrocities that other subjects had to face.

Once Ruben was old enough to act on his own, he was entrusted with group convoy missions and recruiting young ether users that didn’t have somewhere to call their home. He usually visited orphanages and juvenile delinquent centers with an adult to handle the paperwork. Ruben acted as the welcoming hand, helping new recruits ease their way into the program while having someone to converse with.

Once Ruben was old enough to enroll in the nearby university, Hestia insisted he spend some time with people outside of the training facility. She didn’t take no for an answer, so Ruben agreed to enroll while keeping his business with the research program secret.

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Etheriest Villain Contest Empty Re: Etheriest Villain Contest

Post by JerriLeah7 on 12th November 2015, 11:15 pm

Due to the low level of submissions, the deadline for this contest has now been extended until Tuesday, December 1st, 2015.

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Etheriest Villain Contest Empty Re: Etheriest Villain Contest

Post by HikariKuragari on 15th November 2015, 5:36 pm

Etheriest Villain

Name: Tang Sung Jin



Appearance:Tang Sung Jin is about 7' tall, weighs about 190 pounds, his hairs are black with purple highlights. His eyes are blue and skin color is white. His clothing usually have fancy clothing seen as in the picture. It varies from tuxedo to different fancy clothing of different cultures.
Etheriest Villain Contest Man___7_by_heise

Occupation:CEO of a company of Ether Products/recharge/electronic on the surface, but also of a shady organisation underneath. The surface company is called Prestige Land Inc.

Residence:His personal residence is unknown to public. When he have to meet someone he usually does so privately with a specific place and date.

Abilities:/Skills:He's a very good manipulator, a strategist and usually is a step ahead in most things. He also knows a lot of martial art moves, although he prefer to not dirty himself and let his children and pawns take care of the work. He also knows how to use short swords, but rarely does so. Good at intimidating as well and knows how to use diplomacy to get himself out of things or get things moving the way he wants it. Short swords proficiency(double blade techniques). Very good liar. He lets his maids and others cook for him as he find it's a waste of time, though he's also a good cook, he just doesn't like it.

Studies includes : Business studies, Accounting & Managing. Have one of his good ally help him with dna modification and others with his team of doctors as well.

Weapons (if any):Short Swords.

Etheriest Class:EC1
Etheriest Ability:Command Seal
Ability Description: The ability to set a command seal code on one or more people. Commands can either be order of a set time or rules with conditions like a code. If the victim violate the code, whatever was set to happen within the code will happen. He's able to also make a Command Seal stronger by entering several in one for up to ten, though he usually doesn't go there as most subject would not have the resistance. A mark is applied on the victim once the Command Seal is set and it can activate through violation of code or if Jin is within 500 ft radius he can activate it. Activation of the Command Seal will provoke a burning sensation where the Command Seal is applied if subject resist. Further resistance could provoke higher level of pain all over the body and or make the subject sick. In some cases it may also damage the Aura. He must however touch the subject when applying the Command Seal, however this one act like a curse and will stay there until the master is either dead or remove it himself.

Signature Spells/Abilities:
• Order : The victim is touched for some time until the coding is done. He usually have someone immobilize the victim before he touch them to put in the order code. Usually one use only, once the victim have performed the order, they either faint or feel very weak. Victim has to obey, otherwise resistance may cause what is mentioned above.
• Rule : Jin set a rule or several set of rules that the victim must respect in order for the Command Seal to stay dormant.
• Punishment : A code that will be inscribed along with each rule. If rule is violated, said punishment will happen would it be an attack of pain from the nervous system, burning sensation, sickness or one of the worst, turning the subject berserk. Although he usually reserve this last one for his own pleasure to see a dramatic scene or for his children as he think they are beautiful when in berserk.
• Activate : Remotely activate a subject's Seal causing pain and consequences as if subject had violated the rules. This can be only on a 100ft radius though. He usually think hard of the subject he wants to activate and then clap his fingers together when he's ready.
• Master : Any victim of the seal cannot attack him or rather will find it difficult to do so. This one is casted on himself to affect subjects within 100ft radius. If one was to be able to somehow resist him enough to harm him however, the pain they would feel after from hurting their master will be unbearable.

Personality:Jin is efficient in every field he touches, though inefficiency annoys him to the highest levels. He hates people who are lazy and irrational. He's also poor in handling emotions, he's distant from his own emotion, although he still have some...he'll never break into a emotional state as he find it's a waste of time and energy. He can be quite cold to others in that aspect and insensitive as their emotions does not shake him or making change position and are also a waste of his time. He's strong willed and doesn't go down easily mentally, never stress about anything and likes challenges. Thinking in the way of a strategist he thinks of every little details, problems and how to counter them ahead of time, observing every angle of a problem and coming with a well calculated solution. Although he can be at time insensitive with more sensitive people, in general he's very charismatic and can easily inspire others to want to follow him as a leader and invigorate them. Many less strong points can show when you get to know him better though, he's stubborn and dominant pushing his vision over those of others. Also is impatient toward people who need more time to think and come to a decision. He have a lot of arrogance as well as he think of of anyone without quick thoughts and firm conviction a letdown and would look down on them. He's also cold and ruthless, but knows when to fake another personality to get to his goals.

However he does enjoy watching a dramatic scene of his planning as in showing that he won his goal in this brain game.

Toward his specimens : Toward his specimens though, he's still cold, but still handle them with care when he's not torturing them with more experiment. They are his children and the precious golden specimen he's building up after all. They are his things, his tools toward evolution.

Back Story:Tang Sung Jin, which everyone calls Jin always have been obsessed with how ether and aura worked since young age. Born from a rich family, he had already all the cards into play to start planning early on his life. He started studying on the matter quite early, even came to learn that he had a power he could use to make this stupid generation evolve to something much greater. It would need sacrifice however and he wasn't afraid of it. He studied in various fields, always tried to be as charismatic as he could when he needed something from others or simply to forge connections. Being really smart and calculating, he managed to finish class early and take other course and created his own company at the age of 20. Seeing how electronics had a constant grow on society he started with that and then brought in some interesting approach with the ether technologies. He already had some allies underneath the surface to start experiment, also had a kid with a girl in that year. Without her consent he took him away and experimented on him after he was two, along with some other missing kids they had found and captured. His methods were methods to try and extend the aura, ether storage, create super soldiers or rather a new type of human species that would be superior. Kids were even tortured from time to time to make them more immune to pain, they were often given all sort of drugs as well, operated to add parts of other matter within their dna... though it wouldn't always work. Kyo Jun Yeong was his only specimen and son who had been able to withstand all of that. However to make sure he would not rebel or fail him, he placed several rules within the poor boy. Somehow however it seems it wasn't enough as this one disappeared from his grasp while he was away from the experimentation site at 28 years old. The boy was only 8 and yet managed to escape... but he knows that a village near their experimentation site had a massacer. This clearly showed the boy tried to rebel and killed everyone, an amusing thought. Although he was still nowhere to be found.

At these thoughts however, he was happy to know that his experiments were still pretty successful and started to spread his mating experience and command the women to give him the kids after. All that mattered was that he would have several more subjects to experiment on and it seemed it worked much better when they were too young to understand much and that their structure was still not fully founded. Kids also had a faster healing ability. As for his regular company it was pretty wealthy and holding well although in the past four years another company from a certain Delacroix was making some competition to some fields of his products. Though he feared not as he still stood strong. The increase of his pawn at his mercy however as well as his successful children made him want to look for the missing specimen he had lost 18 years ago, but that would come in due time. He was sure of it.

**Note** A more elaborated text about the company on the surface will be made somewhere later this week.

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Etheriest Villain Contest Empty Re: Etheriest Villain Contest

Post by xenolion on 22nd November 2015, 5:27 pm

Etheriest Villain

Name: Legal: Torrin Caprio. Pseudonym: Torrino.

Age: 27

Gender: M

Appearance: Torrino is a tall lanky man about 6’3 and 165 lbs. He is very artist and not afraid to change his colorful wardrobe. His hair is short in the back, but longer on top. He colors it a lot too, so it is hard to determine his real hair. His wardrobe varies like his hair color. It can vary from a nice button down shirt and slacks during a shoot, to gala like tuxedo, to jeans and a t-shirt when he is in the office.
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Occupation: Photographer.

Residence: Penthouse in a hotel

Abilities:/Skills: He is a social butterfly and has nose into everything. He is well known and highly sought after photographer. He may be lanky, but can defend himself if the needs arises. He knows Tae Kwon Do. He has no ether abilities.

Weapons (if any): He has a dagger and pocket knives for protection.

Etheriest Class: NA
Etheriest Ability:NA
Ability Description:NA
Signature Spells/Abilities:

Personality:: He is sort of a split personality. To the world he is a quirky enigmatic fun loving photographer to models. He seems to love the social life. He is seen as highly attractive and both the women and men love him. He keeps his staff (including Sophie Chiodo) on their toes with his ever changing schedule. Although personally he is just the opposite. His studio itself is not very large, and he is not followed by an entourage. After all the work and socializing is done, he love to grab a beer and read a book. He does not watch TV.

Back Story: He is a former photojournalist for a news company. He didn’t like the politics or the life, so he switched jobs. He is well verse with people and still keeps up with politics, but he has nothing to do with politicians. He also hates Etherists. He thinks ether abilities are unnatural and should be controlled.

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Thank you leah
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Etheriest Villain Contest Empty Re: Etheriest Villain Contest

Post by EphPhoenix on 24th November 2015, 12:07 pm

Etheriest Villain

Name: Lorenzo Schichtle
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Etheriest Villain Contest Curly-Hair-Afro-Men
His curly hair is colored green at the tips

Occupation: Student (Former); God of Destruction (Current)
Residence: Mobile
Abilities:/Skills: Proficient hand-to-hand combatant, expert swordsman, proficient computer hacker, mechanical/electrical inventor
Weapons (if any): Etheriest Guantlets - mechanized gauntlets that act as conduits to focus his immense energy, allowing him to channel it into concussive bursts of great destruction even greater than what he can manage without them.

Etheriest Class: 3
Etheriest Ability: Transmorphic Energy
Ability Description: He is able to channel ether into extraordinary levels of an indefinable energy that augment his physical capacities and reaction times. This energy is so immense it can create a field around him unless he chooses to suppress it that acts as a shield to him that also speeds his healing. The field reflects his state of being, allowing it to be helpful or harmful to those in contact with it. For example, if there was someone next to him that he was trying to protect, this field would act as a shield like it does to him and even speed their healing like him. If an enemy or someone he wanted hurt, it would act corrosively, eating away at that person's aura and body like an acid, tearing them apart. Without control and greatly enraged, it would act corrosively to everything it came in contact with, living or otherwise. He can further focus this energy into attacks, allowing him to create highly damaging concussive bursts short range or long range concussive blasts.

Signature Spells/Abilities:
• Auric Empowerment (constant) - the auric energy he bears augments his physical capacities, reaction time, and processing speed to superhuman levels
• Auric Emanation - his aura manifests into the visible spectrum as a field around him that acts as both a shield and healer. It is an involuntary side effect of having so much energy, though he can suppress it to go no further than his skin. Originally, he had a belt that suppressed it for him, but has since discarded it. Its original color was a bright green, now it is a deep black color that seems to eat light around it and is highly corrosive to anything it comes into contact with.
• Concussive Melee - with or without his gauntlets, he is able to hit with extreme force with his extremities. With his gauntlets, he hits with an even more powerful force.
• Concussive Burst - his gauntlets are able to utilize his auric energy into miniature concussive blasts in the shape of high projectile balls that explode upon contact or after a certain range.
• Concussive Apocalypse - using his gauntlets, he can channel a large portion of his auric energy into a blast on par with a kiloton bomb. This can be a streaming blast or even a radial explosion with him at the epicenter.

Personality: Nerdy, Hyper, Cheerful. Honest, but awkward, he was generally well-liked. He had a goofy sense of humor, a disarming smile, and a playful sense of doing activities. With a sword in hand, he moved like a feather and he has an unshakable confidence and always wore a grin.(Former); Angry, Explosive, Intractable. As the God of Destruction, he hits things head-on, speaking (often badly) literature quotes. Anyone who gets in his way he will go through. Before finding, and losing, his sister, he would issue warning to targets of his wrath to allow the innocent time to escape. After her death, however, he would hit without warning, destroying anything that crossed his path. Any attempts to reason with him are met with extreme prejudice and rage.(Current)

Back Story: Lorenzo and his sister Amethyst lived a semi-nomadic life with their father Vincenzo, a traveling scientist and inventor who earned a decent living with his helpful inventions. Both highly gifted, they excelled academically, skipping grades and enjoying a wide variety of hobbies. Lorenzo and Amethyst both were taught basic self-defense at their father's behest, and Lorenzo furthered that with study of the sword, to which he greatly excelled. Amethyst, while able, preferred dancing to martial arts and also had a love of literature, to which Lorenzo didn't have a great head for. They had a home to return to in Halcyon, a house passed down in their family for generations. It was an idyllic life.

This changed when their town was hit without warning by several large bombs, decimating it, and people in black suits attacked and killed most of the citizens. Lorenzo, while capable, was only 15 and no match for a small army of highly trained special ops soldiers. This was when his power manifested itself, but he was raw, and promptly taken down, his burning house crashing down on him. When the smoke cleared, he was one of the few survivors, his father dead, and his sister presumably also.

Filled with a great rage and using his father's tech and connections, he managed to track down the ops and learn they had been hired by a certain company that his father had turned down. Putting on a leather jacket, biker's helmet with tech, fashioning crude gauntlets to focus his power and a belt to suppress and control his immense energy, he began systematically hitting the company's facilities the world over, calling himself the God of Destruction and speaking in poorly used literature quotes in homage to his sister. Initially, he would announce himself and create tiny explosions, causing panic and getting innocent bystanders to flee, then he would lay waste to the facility in question.

Finally, he hit one of their largest R & D facilities, and uncovered the real truth behind the attack on his town: they had wanted him and his sister. His family had a history of unique Etheriest powers, and as both he and his sister had immense energy manipulation, it would seem, they had hit the town to hide the fact. But when his powers had manifested, he had been too wild to capture and they had opted to put him down instead and presumed dead in the fire. His sister had not. He found her in her final moments, poorly used, tortured, a lab rat. This sent him over the edge, and he became the God of Destruction in truth, vowing to destroy all things.

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Etheriest Villain Contest Empty Re: Etheriest Villain Contest

Post by MethosArchaic on 26th November 2015, 9:53 pm

Etheriest Villain

Name: Sisal Carboros Vesper
Age: 43
Gender: Female
Race: Keltan Fire-Wolf, a type of Ether Beast. Permitted to be Created by Leah
Appearance: Sisal is somewhat small for a Keltan Fire-Wolf, being only slightly larger than even the largest of ordinary wolves. She has a fairly ordinary timber grey patterning to her fur. Her fur darkens at her ears and near the tip of her tail to a dark black. The areas around her paws, muzzle, throat and belly lighten to an almost pure white though they're often dark grey or dull white due to soot or dirt. Her scent is often coupled with or overpowered by the smell of smoke due to her power and sometimes stroking her fur will stain clothing or their hands with soot or ash.
Picture Image by ToryHeartly:

Occupation: Pack Leader/Sensei/Mother
Residence:Roams vast distances with her pack, though her home territory is hidden deep in the mountains away from human settlements.
Abilities:/Skills: Hunting, Tracking, Hiding, Moving Silently, Running and Survival. Knows the names and appearances of many plants and animals found in various climates, particularly Mountains, Forests, Swamps and Plains. Knows and can teach complex sword techniques and training exercises known almost exclusively among the Keltan people.
Knows how to raise the young, Wolf, Keltan, or Fire-Wolf alike. Good at the subtler arts of diplomacy, and intimidation. Knows how to cremate the dead. Heavily practiced in torture, particularly through the use of fire. Last Sisal is also knowledgeable in simple herbal remedies and how to tend to the injured or wounded (though she may be limited in her ability to actually perform the actions necessary herself)
Weapons (if any): Lacking hands, fingers or thumbs, Sisal really only can use her teeth or her paws to attack her foes.

Etheriest Class: EC1
Etheriest Ability: Force Flame
Ability Description: The ability to create, manipulate, control and suppress fire and flame. Sisal is immune to heat and fire like other true force flame users, this includes fire abilities of other force users. Unlike many other force flame users, Sisal is able to also exert some control over smoke, this is most evident in her signature spells.

These flames can range in color from orange to blue or even almost bright white depending on the intensity of heat. They are often accompanied by hints of/smell of smoke, sometimes with an oily texture or feel. Sisal is able to wreath herself in flames, create them around various parts of her body such as her face or paws or even belch out flames like some sort of mythical dragon. Due to being able to control her flames, she can even create them in a way so they produce unusual amounts of smoke, even without a fuel source.

Sisal can not create fantastic shapes or patterns with her fire abilities like some fire users can, such as flame serpents or artistic works of flame. This could be in large due to her nature as a Keltan Wolf, and her reverence for the more pure natural form of fire. She can continue to create flames for a significant duration of time such as hours or even days, though more intense flames greatly diminish how long she can maintain them.

Using her powers can hamper her vision particularly at night when it is most useful. The oily residue and soot let off by her flames can leave stains which leaves more traces to find. As her power is more primal in nature, Sisal can not choose whom or what her fire does not affect like some other force flame users, this can cause collateral damage, not that she particularly cares.

Signature Spells/Abilities:
Form Smoke: By breathing in deeply, sisal can use that breath to shape and form existing smoke in the area into the desired shape, and even the semblance of life though it only lasts a few minutes at best. These shapes or structures are not real, and do not become anymore tangible then the smoke they are made of, even if that smoke is dense or tightly packed. Smoke shaped in this way looks and acts as normal smoke held into the desired shape, though it doesn't disperse as easily, though strong winds can disperse them a few dozen seconds.
Blessing of the Fire Spirit: By placing her nose on the forehead of a person or creature, Sisal can use a large portion of her power to bless them with the Blessing of the Fire-wolves similar to the original blessing that the Fire Spirit did to the first Keltans. It grants a number of fire-wolf like characteristics to the creature, to Humans: Improves sight, hearing, sense of smell as well as heightens their natural instincts and allowing them to communicate with wolf-like creatures. To other Creatures: Improves their strength, size, life span, sight, hearing, sense of smell and intelligence to a human like level, unless their natural ability is already close to that of a Keltan Fire-Wolf. This blessing alters the creatures natural eye color to a silver color, and allows creatures to see in the dark of a similar ability as a wolf. Rarely this can accidentally grant the creature access to the force flame ability, and it becomes hereditary. The strain is incredibly taxing to Sisal, to her it is as taxing as child birth, and she can only do it once or twice a day at most, often needing time to recover. The abilities effectiveness improves on younger creatures who exhibit the greatest change. Older creatures can also be blessed though the effects vary widely, even failing or producing undesired mental side effects or insanity. This ability has no effect on creatures already blessed by other elemental spirits/creatures.
Perdition's Chains: With a deep snarling growl, Sisal snaps her fangs shut and makes a yanking motion identical to the one wolves do when latching a deer's leg and yanking it's legs out from under it. Smoke then forms around any single target she is looking at within her sight range in the form of smokey ropes and chains. These chains tighten and restrain the creature leaving bruises as they attempt to capture the creature. The true strength of these chains is in that they attempt to suffocate and strangle the creature as well as bind them. These chains work perfectly well against most foes, though any creatures with force abilities tied to the element of fire should beware. Such foes will find it difficult or down right impossible to call upon their fire abilities, and attempting to causes further pain as the chains feed off their aura growing even stronger. Using this ability reduces the effectiveness of her force flame ability's fire abilities, but not her smoke-like ones.
Feast of Ashes: This ability allows Sisal to gobble up ash, cinders, coals and the like as easily as dog food or kibble. The more she consumes the more her force flame ability strengthens, though this has a limit as it fills her up and nourishes her as normal food does. While using this ability her natural ability to recover wounds and injuries sky rockets. A single full meal can heal injuries as well as a full week of recovery. This in no way grants regeneration, and any lost limbs or organs remain lost. This ability can cause premature aging, though it takes a lot of repeated uses to produce any noticeable effects as it only increases her age by a week at a time.
Of Smoke and Flame:When Sisal activates this ability, her body appears to be wreathed in flames till it appears she has immolated herself as she lets of a pained scream. The flames then darken, revealing a charred husk that was Sisal. This husk then cracks open and crumples into ash as Sisal emerges from within with a new body, this one made of smoke and the occasional bit of fire that appears to outline her features. The only part that remains constantly aflame is two orbs where her eyes are.
Having temporarily ascended to a pure elemental, she is now impervious to physical attacks and even some forces that create physical attacks as they pass through her harmlessly. While in this form Sisal is more vulnerable to wind based attacks much like how creatures made of fire are harmed more by water or iced based attacks. Water or Ice attacks can cause temporary blindness if they hit her in the face where her flaming eyes are. Sisal's physical attacks are reduced to less than half strength, though her attacks do cause burns in addition when she does injure someone. Giving up much of her physical weapons in this form, does come with another up side, Sisal can now move through areas that she normally could not, such as cracks of windows or holes in walls. She doesn't have weight, which allows her to jump incredible distances/heights, as well as stand on things that couldn't support her normally. She can maintain this form for no more than five minutes, though she can resume this form after using her Feast on Ashes signature spell. This spell doesn't hamper or restrict her force flame powers, though all of her fire attacks produce more smoke than normal.

Personality:Sisal is Forceful, Domineering, Honest and Diligent. She values tradition, hard word, and when others can admit when they are wrong. She can at times seem cruel, or strict, and she's very likely to admit it without any lick of shame. She despises incompetence and laziness, often demanding that they strive ever harder to improve themselves. She is passionate and stubborn, and definitely hard to yield when people try to oppose her view points.
She is very much a leader however, and very into family. She would never abandon those loyal to her even if they continually fail her, she'd just delegate the task to another and work on that persons failings. Her viewpoint is the right one as far as she is concerned, but if her opposition is strong enough to not yield she can find herself willing to listen.
Oddly enough, she struggles with wanting to spoil younger children and infants, often forcing herself to be harsh enough to prepare them for the cruel world outside. Sisal can't bring herself to kill an infant, often adopting them or abandoning them to the mercies of fate. Many a child has been adopted after Sisal finished off their parents.
She enjoys torturing those she is against, drawing out their pain and suffering, something she is good at. Sisal will often tail or have someone watched to learn about their habits and personalities, just to be able to taunt and deride them even further when she chooses just the right moment to go after them. However when she decides to go after someone, that person is not going to come out of it on the other side, and she'll end it prematurely if she needs to, just to avoid problems. If she has to cut her plans short, she'll be snappy and spiteful for days or weeks, often being harsher than she intends. She has a severe problem letting slights or wrongs go, often resorting to getting even, often forcefully.

Back Story:
Starting off at the very beginning, Sisal is the Daughter of a Fire-wolf father and natural wolf mother who unfortunately died during the birthing process, a very common occurrence when the mother is a common wolf. Only two of her other liter mates made it, having come out before her. It is very likely any others where lost after the strain of birthing two fire-wolves. Sisal has two siblings, a brother fire-wolf named Aiden Sorbrac , and a sister wolf named Mirah Faessonosh. For the first year following their birth they remained with their mother's pack. After Mirah had grown sufficiently, their father then left the pack with Aiden and Sisal to the Keltan lands and villages to be around more of their own kind and properly bring them up.
The first few months were difficult, as both Aiden and Sisal had to adapt to their new environment. It was harder to adjust to being around humans, but the Keltans where not normal humans and had an almost wolf-like nature to them. The handlers where very happy to help raise the two young firewolves. Sisal eventually learned that their kind was running out, and fewer were being born, or they chose to retreat into seclusion.
For ten or more years, the newness and interesting nature of the Keltans kept Sisal interested. She was often paired with younger children as it appeared she was most gentle with them. The older they became however the more harsh or sometimes cruel she was to them. That first year among the wolves had left a huge impact on her during her formative youth, and Sisal often sat behind the fact of how cruel the outside world could be.
Sisal fought hard to keep herself a part of the culture by absorbing the techniques and practices that the Humans did. However there was always that nagging problem in the back of her mind. The problem probably was Sisal was rooted deep in herself. The disparity in her own force flame power among the keltans could almost make sense, they where humans. However Sisal's force flame stood out as an oddity even among the few fire-wolf. Force flame users didn't possess power over smoke, but Sisal did, and it made her stand out. Eventually these disparities would become a problem.

Both her and the Keltans were blessed by the Fire-spirit, but after awhile it became obvious that whatever path they were walking was the wrong one. Though the fire-wolves all possessed the force flame powers, their numbers kept dwindling, and most were half-breeds like Sisal. Even the Keltans' powers were on the decline. Fewer and fewer were born with fire magic, and even those few weren't immune to fire, another sign that the fire spirit was abandoning them. These little problems started out small, but they always ate away at Sisal. The first warning sign was when Sisal stopped giving out blessings, even to children. When she broke into an argument with the Elder about her continue argument about how the Keltans had fallen out of favor with the Firespirit, it was the last straw. Sisal only stayed for so long due to her attachment to children which she adored.

Having left the Keltans, she wandered for a considerable time. This alienated her more, as she was left to her own thoughts. Her problems with normal humans escalated as she often ventured too close to human settlements. Eventually this drove her out into seclusion, away from humans. Her attempts to find the Fire-Spirit itself proved pointless, but it escalated when she went to the Keltan temple to the fire spirit. The fire spirit had long abandoned the temple, leaving it to the Keltans. When Sisal observed them, she was driven to maddens. When had they wandered off the path of true worship? When did they start merely worshiped it out of tradition, not because they truly believed? Sisal gave them one last test, it was simple: Survive a trail by fire, all others would be devoured. That was when Sisal first gave in and became a man-eater.

Sisal slew the priests and shrine maidens of the temple and feasted on their ashes. This increased her powers to impressive levels, helping her break to the frightening strength on par with an EC1. Her powers overpowered even her own fellow firewolves who came too late, into a smoke filled temple. Even her brother's attempts to talk her down, only enraged her. Though she was driven out by her brother, Aiden too, would succumb to his wounds. Driven away and afraid of the retaliation of her kin, she would seek seclusion far away in the mountains away from humans.

She took over another wolf pack, and she began to grant her blessing to them. This helped her learn more about how the blessing worked, and it helped her get away from being utterly alone. Then one Year during a particularly hard and long winter, she was forced to desperate measures. She led her pack against one of her constant sources of annoyance, a reclusive monastery. The first assault was the most brutal, but the humans and their dogs proved too much for them and she had to retreat. Driven with a need for revenge caused more attempts to destroy them, which also ended in failure. The mastiffs within were well trained and killed her pack. Sisal survived alone by using her powers to kept keep her alive, resorting to hit and run attacks till she ended up whittling them down and destroying them.

Now victorious, she claimed the temple. The only survivors would be those that would call to her mercy, the young. These she adopted, raised and blessed. In time she would take a second mate, something very hard to accept against her instincts. Her mate would be one of the survivors of her arch-nemesis, one of the strongest and best blessed among those she helped raised. When does a child become someone so strong and reliable that you can't live without them? Howl would become that indispensable, and the father of their children Tibetan Mastiff/Wolf children. He was good around children, even the humans that Sisal kept adopting on her trips.

Sisal became a mother and mentor to her new clan. With the Blessing of the Fire-Spirit and the techniques of the Keltans, Sisal would bide her time. However not even Sisal will forget the Keltans attempts to hunt her down, nor the will of the Fire Spirit. All fires eventually die, and the Keltans themselves were nothing but flickering embers of their old glory.

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Etheriest Villain

Name: Clarisse Wahl, AKA "The Justicar" or "Right Hand Justicar"
Age: 28
Gender: Cis-Gendered Female
Appearance: Alias: 8ft, 210lbs; Yellow/Blonde Hair, Caucasian; Eyes Unknown; Face Unknown; Always seen in the following outfit and mask:
The Justicar:
Etheriest Villain Contest One_wing_by_jameswolf

Identity: 5'5ft, 143lbs; White Hair, Caucasian; Green Eyes; Usually seen in pale, pastel-like colors and in dresses and skirts of various styles, cultures, and eras. She's a huge history buff and really loves to show that through clothing, wearing clothing that is as historically accurate as she is able.
Etheriest Villain Contest Girl_by_ennya7-d6jdgc7

Occupation: Museum Conservator/Restorer for the Coldrion Museum of History & Art
Residence: Two-Bedroom Apartment; Roommate Wanted
Abilities:/Skills: Appraisal, Bluffing, Diplomacy, Disguise, Flight, Halberg Proficiency, Intimidation, Knowledge (Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nobility/Heraldry), Linguistics, Poetry, Reading, Theater/Acting, & Writing
Weapons (if any): Halberg (As Shown in Justicar Image)

Etheriest Class: EC1
Etheriest Ability: Justicar Alteration
Ability Description: This ability allows Clarisse to alter her own body's appearance, but this is not varied in appearance. She can only make specific changes, as expressed below. Essentially, her only shape changes that she can make are the ones that allow her to appear exactly as she does in the image for "The Justicar" above, which is severely limited, when compared to other shape changing capabilities. However, due to the severe limit of her ability to shift/shape change, her power does allow her to keep her disguise for longer periods of time than most shape changers could ever manage.

Her hair becomes long, straight, and yellow, her face becomes eyeless in appearance (as if a layer of skin grew over her eye sockets), but she can still see, she can grow either one or two wings, (which adds bone and additional weight and balance changes to her body), added height, and skin markings of a light, pale blue and white colors formed in abstract shapes and designs on her legs and arms.

Strengths: Extensive Disguise, Flight Capabilities, & Ether Duration
Weaknesses: Clothing Limitations (Cannot replicate clothing via magic), Vision Limitation (disguise lowers vision clarity), & Limited Shape Shifting

Signature Spells/Abilities:
• Justicar's Strength -- Due to her ability to change her body, she can also add to her strength momentarily in short bursts. This occurs when she changes her body's muscles in certain areas to allow for greater strength when attacking an enemy or lifting heavy objects.
• Armour Drain -- The Justicar's outfit is not normal clothing by any means. Rather, it is a form of Ether Tech woven into her outfit that allows her to negate an Ether ability upon contact with her physical body. However, when the clothing nullifies a magical attack, it drain's the wearers Ether in order to do so. Additionally, it must be recharged because its ability is not permanent.
• Weapon Drain -- The Justicar's Halberg is also Ether Tech that allows the woman to light the end of the weapon's blade up magically with a vibrant yellow and white light while she is fighting and/or posing. This also drains from her Ether when used and must also be recharged after used a few times for the same reasons as her armor.
• One-Winged Battle -- During battle with her weapon, the Justicar often uses her single wing as an advantage during any instance that she can. When remaining stalwart against a charge, for example, she uses the wing to leverage against the ground and prevent her from being knocked prone. She's also been known to use it as a shield against blunt attacks, though this is damaging to her. However, a damaged wing is often better to deal with than a damaged arm or torso.
• Two-Winged Battle -- The Justicar will use a second wing most often when she feels the need to fly. Flight allows her to gain a height advantage over her enemies when striking at them with her Halberg. When in close quarters combat, she can use her wings to push enemies away unless they are directly in front of her and uses them as shields for allies, should she ever have any, as well as shields for herself.

Personality: As Clarisse on the surface, she is kind-hearted, patient, sweet, compassionate, and loving. This is how she was before ever darkening her own methods as the Justicar, but she still acts as though she is the same person now that her opinions of her work has changed. She often makes smaller jokes, laughs at jokes that she doesn't even find funny, compliments others frequently, and is incredibly shy when around attractive men.

As the Justicar, she is fierce and cold with confident, glorious posture and a sense of her own respect and honor. She used to speak often in the field and warn her enemies, often to try to convince them to halt or surrender. She never liked to harm someone if she didn't have to and frequently did as less damage as possible while incapacitating her foes. Now, however, the Justicar strikes her enemies swiftly and violently and rarely speaks. When she does speak, however, it generally consists of threatening promises and dark wishes of her own kind of justice.

Back Story: Clarisse is an only child that grew up with a privileged, middle-class life and loving parents. After school, her passions merged into history and art, so she went straight to college and earned a six-year degree in order to work for a museum and surrounded herself in the worlds of the past that she loved so much.

Now that she has successfully finished her degree, moved out of her parents, and struck out on her own with a steady job, she simply searches for what else life can bring her as she independently strives to reach the greatest understandings of the past and of relevant historical events and how they have effected the way of life today.

In the Justicar's younger years of being known in the open to the public, she was known as a local superhero. She fought crime when she could, often working with the local police department and homicide detectives to bring down those that eluded the law. Due to her popularity with the people of Coldrion, she was quite the public figure and even had an Publicity Agent to assist her with dealing with the Press and other social events.

All of this work allowed the Justicar to grow in power from experience, rather than from schooling as she rose from an EC5 to an EC2 Etheriest. She was proud of her work and of her position as a superhero, but she told no one in her personal life of who she really was.

Unfortunately, a time came when the Justicar faced an enemy with a hostage situation and when trying to calm the criminal down until a Negotiator arrived, the man murdered one of his hostages before her with a sick enjoyment. Instantly, the Justicar reacted in a way that she never had before--she struck the man down and killed him in cold blood.

From then on, she hid from the authorities and did what she does best: she tracked down criminals and murdered them for their transgressions. Although her reputation slowly shifted from one of a superhero to that of a vigilante and a murderess, she did not care and she did not stop.

After the founding of CETE, the Justicar became one of the department's highest priorities: A policing force with Etheriests seemed to be like fire fighting fire and the people of the city made it clear that it was expected of them to take her down. However, after four years of playing cat and mouse, she has merely risen up on their wanted list as her death counts pile up.

Justicar RP Sample -- The Hero:
Colt Fenmore stands on top of the building with five cronies about him, almost ceremoniously. Bennett Rait is a businessman that works for Prestige Land Inc. and he is currently being held upside down by one foot over the building's ledge with one arm that belongs to a very strong stooge working for Fenmore. Of course, this is just business, nothing personal. All casual workdays usually end in this rooftop for Fenmore and his little team, so they are just as nonchalant as can be.

Fenmore asks, "Where are the files?"

Unfortunately for Rait, this would be a first time for him. For the first few minutes he was all panic, but that soon switched to a different kind of fear when his family members were threatened. If there's anything greater to fear than losing your own life, it's losing the life of a loved one. Rait is about ready to talk, but the Justicar flies over and lands gracefully on her feet at the rooftop's center. On the inside, he's relived, but he can tell that Fenmore is annoyed.

With a sigh, Fenmore looks over at the Justicar, who's wings are both shining rather brightly for such poor lighting during this night. Without hesitation, he pulls out his handgun, aims, and fires at the nuisance. Her Halberg is readily held with one hand, standing on its end before her chest and catching the blow with a loud clang as it bounces from the metallic blade's surface. Colt scowls at the mask, as if gazing darkly at her soul through the eyes that aren't there.

The masked head tilts to the side as she says playfully, "You didn't invite me to hang out? I'm offended."

"We've done this dance before." Colt warns, "I will shoot this man."

With that, he points his weapon at the man who's hanging over the building's ledge. He gestures with his other hand at the cronies, so all of them come at her. With ease, she deflects the blows and lands a few of her own. Another pawn raises up his hands, muttering under his breath as a deep purple emanates from his body and eyes.

"Aw, man, I just wanted a hug." The Justicar says with a pouting tone.

Hundreds of small, purple glass shards rise into the air, appearing from seemingly nowhere. Instantly, they all fire in her direction, all of the pointed ends ready to strike menacingly into her flesh. Her instinct is to raise her wings in her defense at first, but she is so busy brushing off the other blows from her nearby enemies to use them.

Instead, she stretches the wings out further, opens her arms up wide as if waiting for a warm embrace from a lover, lifts up her head high into the sky, and lets the shards strike home. Several of the other men backed away just before their release, so as to avoid being hit, as well. Luckily, this allows freedom for her wings, though she doesn't need them quite yet. The purple slivers of materialized Ether reach her clothing and then vanishes, as if fading through her body and then dissipating into some spiritual realm of nothingness.

Gritting his teeth, Colt shoots at her some more. The Halberg saves her again, the blade so large that it's hard to miss when aiming at the same general area. What a mess. She doesn't seem to care about him dropping this guy off the building, though. Some hero.

"I really will kill him!" Colt shouts, "Get lost!"

"He hasn't given you the info that you want, yet," The Justicar replies boldly, "Now let him go and surrender or I will knock you from this building, myself, Colt. Seriously, you need to villain better. You were at this same exact skyscraper the last two times."

He doesn't take her threat seriously, but Colt will come back for this loser later. He knows that she'll never kill a soul, but he can't risk being caught, now. With a signal of his other hand, his stooge drops the man from the roof and Rait begins to scream on his way down. With a cocky smile, Colt says, "Oops."

He expects the woman to chase down the building after Rait, giving Colt and his men a chance to escape. However, that is not the case. Instead, her wings move in close to her body as she spins into the air with a force of wind and then makes her way back downwards and knocks Colt from the building's ledge, as promised. Several of his men gasp in surprise as they scatter, but she ignores them entirely as she flies down the side of the building to fly after Rait. On her way down, she waves at him as Fenmore wonders what turned the hero into a murderer.

However, after catching Rait with her arms, she places him on the ground gently before rushing back up into the air to catch the falling criminal before he lands. Once he is in her arms, she slowly brings him to the ground, as well, landing several seconds after the gun hits the ground and falls to pieces from the force of the landing.

Colt struggles to get free, but she already has a strong grip on him. Pulling out some handcuffs, she quickly cuffs him and waits for the police to arrive. He's cursing and cursing as Rait thanks her with a raised voice, so as to be heard over the raging man. She welcomes him with a nod, and although he can't see it, a pleased smile. Another night of helping someone accomplished.

Justicar RP Sample -- The Vigilante:
The young girl is thirteen years of age with dyed, pink and white hair and hazel eyes. She's just killed her first man and it feels...not too great. She tries not to cry, but her eyes water and her body shakes. She's still holding up the gun as she was when she shot him, as if paralyzed, and her eyes won't leave the corpse that she just created.

Daddy, however, is just standing there next to her with a look of pride. He's going on to the rest of his goons about how keeping leadership in the family is important and about how she's shown herself enough to now that they can all trust her to lead them in his absence. She can't really hear everything that he's saying, though. Her heart is pounding in her chest and her head and now, the gun is visibly shaking in her hands. She drops it and it clatters to the ground as a single tear falls down her cheeks.

"--just my daughter. She's all of our daughters. Honey? Honey, what's wrong?" Daddy looks over at her, confused and concerned.

Suddenly, she wails, "I just killed a man!"

Tears fall all over her face as the loathing sinks in and she falls to the ground on her knees and she weeps and weeps until all she can hear is her weeping. One of the mafia members insults her, calling her weak. He tells daddy that she's not worthy to lead--not now and not ever. She looks up at daddy and although he looks angry at the man, she can tell that he's disappointed in her.

They start to argue and the young girl finally finds the strength to stand up again. She feels sick to her stomach. She needs to get away from the body. Why did he make her do this? Fathers aren't supposed to do this! Wiping the tears from her face, she pushes the arguing from her mind as she tries to walk away from the place--but something catches her eye.

It's a wing. Just one, just sticking out of the shadows of the alleyway. What's that attached to? A human-like figure is approaching, but she can't clearly see who it is. It's a person with a single wing? "Daddy...?" She says, but her father quickly dismisses her.

"Just a minute, Daisy." Daddy replies.

The figure continues to walk forward from the shadows as Daisy stands between an intersection of gaps between four different buildings. Since she and the dead body are the only inhabitants of the small space, the others can't see this winged figure from around the corner in their own space between two of the buildings. It walks forward even more until it becomes clear who it is, but Daisy has never seen, nor heard of the woman before.

Tilting her head to the side, she says "...Daddy," but her voice fades out among the commotion of bickering once more. He doesn't even hear her, this time. Nervously, she shoves her hands in her pockets and takes a step back, just to distance herself from the walking figure that has gotten uncomfortably tall in her perspective. She looks at the woman, terrified, but then, she runs up to the woman with haste and stops just at her feet.

The half-angel stops walking altogether as she reaches the approaching girl. With a tear, stained face, she looks up at the woman with an expression of depression and confusion as the child asks sweetly and quietly: "Are you my guardian angel?"

The winged woman bends down and whispers in her ear. "Did you kill that man?"

With that, Daisy's eyes widen in surprise, not expecting the question. She looks back at the corpse and then back at the angel and then begins to cry. She rushes into the angel's body, her face crying into her bosom as the angel embraces her with warmth and sadness. The angel caresses her face and Daisy cries as the guilt wracks her body and then suddenly, she backs away from the woman and falls on her knees to vomit on the concrete.

Hearing the retching, daddy comes around the corner as the men he was arguing with can be heard running away in the distance. Daddy sees the angel. He moves to the handgun on the ground that had fallen and picks it up. Pointing it at the angel, he tells her to get away from Daisy. After a few seconds, she clears up her mouth and throat long enough to put her hands up and ask daddy to stop.

"Stop! Daddy, she's my guardian angel!" Daisy cries. Tears fall down her face more.

"She didn't kill him!" Daddy calls out to the angel, "I did! Do you hear me, psycho?! I killed him!"

He shoots at the angel and Daisy cries out in fear. She doesn't want the angel to get hurt. The single wing folds out before her and it takes the bullet. A hole is formed as it goes into the bone, blood splattering on the cement and Daisy cries more. Daisy moves to help the angel and to apologize to her as she grunts in pain from the shot.

"Daisy! Stay away from her!" Daddy calls out.

Finally, the angel speaks in an almost monotone voice and Daisy's crying comes to an ease as she looks up at the masked woman in confusion, "Daisy. Who killed the man?"

"I--I did. Daddy made me do it." Daisy says, crying a little more in shame, "I'm so, so sorry. I wish I didn't do it. I wish I never did it. I'm stupid. I'm so ugly--"

"I did it, Justicar!" Daddy calls out angrily, reloading the gun after firing an empty chamber, "I'm the one you want, so just leave her alone!"

"Colt," The Justicar says to daddy. Her voice is a warning as he has stepped forward and she clearly doesn't want him to move or to get any closer. Daddy keeps going forward, however, this time with a loaded gun. He's ready to pull the trigger, so the angel pulls a big weapon off of her back with a shiny blade on it.

Standing up, Daisy panics and moves between the two figures, her hands held out. Daddy yells to get out of the way, so he can shoot her, but she doesn't move. Instead, she backs up, standing in front of her father with fierce eyes. Daddy made her do a very terrible thing, but he's still her dad. She can't just stand by while the angel takes him away or hurts him.

"You'll have to go through me!" Daisy calls out.

The Justicar's response is immediate, "As you wish."

"--Daisy, no--!!" Daddy screams, but the voice cuts off.

For a moment, Daisy is confused. She is looking at the angel, who is just before her and moved with so much's like she teleported across the alleyway to greet them so closely. Her body feels cold as her father's arms go over her shoulders and wrap around her. She can hear him cry a little and she wonders why.

Her thoughts going hazy, she tries to concentrate on the world around her, but everything is so fuzzy and weird. And so cold. Looking down, she realizes that the angel's weapon has a pointed end and that it has pierced through her torso. The weapon is removed as she and daddy fall to the ground and he holds her loosely as she realizes that he's probably getting sleepy, too, because his crying has stopped.

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Post by RadioTanuki on 30th November 2015, 12:11 am

Etheriest Villain

Name: Argus "The Great Horned Owl" Valdemar

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Appearance: Height 6' 6" Weight 210 lbs. Very muscular build. Battered and scarred body. An old, bald, white dude with a long black beard in combat armor. Always seen with a pack of hunting equipment. He has a facial scar across one of his eyes, which luckily, didn't take the eye with it.
Very WIP:
Etheriest Villain Contest 20151210
Occupation: Professional hunter, T.V. Personality, Professional Bounty Hunter

Residence: Mobile. He travels where ever his hunts take him.

Abilities:/Skills: Argus is like a man born for the hunt. Whatever the animal, he is at the top of the food chain, as he has proven time and time again. Like a wild beast let loose in a human body, Argus has a keen perception of all things around him, whether it be an animal he's tracking or person talking at a distance. He has a unique ability to tune in to many things around him that any other human might drown out. It was due to this and his love for the hunt that he became so good at the hunt, and interested by extension at hunting down the rarest of the rare beasts.

Weapons (if any): A powerful, specially made crossbow, built for shooting at long distances, very similar in range and power to a modern sniper rifle. This along with a standard longbow for back-up and his signature weapon, a battle axe decorated with celtic style runes and an owl sculpt in the center of the blades, which he often uses to finish off his prey.
Now days, he spares less and less expense when it comes to capture or kill his prey and will also carry modern guns and/or explosives if he can get away with it, and due to his show's popularity and some help from really good lawyers, he usually can.

Etheriest Class: EC 3

Etheriest Ability: Sound Capture

Ability Description: Creates a bubble in a radius in which all sounds that happen within are not heard outside said bubble. Dependant on the the amount of ether used, the radius may be made bigger, smaller, or more nuanced in shape by the user, however, it takes a lot of training to shape the sound barrier to one's liking. It takes much less, alternatively, to keep it a specific radius around the user, and is also easier to expand the radius. While it still has a limit to size based on the ether expended, it has even more of a limit in regards to shape. In addition, the sound barrier can be manipulated to be focused on other objects as long as the user can concentrate on that object and has made contact with it before. This works to varying degrees and rarely works when the user hasn't been in contact with that object within a day's time.

Weaknesses: His etheriest ability has little in the way of offensive capabilities. His final spell, sonic boom requires a large amount of ether and is a double-edged sword as far as it's deafening capabilities go. In addition his barriers only capture sound and provide no protection otherwise. If a person walks within the confines of his barrier, they can hear everything within, just as he can.

Signature Spells/Abilities:

• Inaudibility:
Creates a sound barrier with little concentration and only a minimal amount of ether consumption. The easiest rate at which to keep this barrier going has a radius of aproximately 1 meter from the source, and holds any and all sounds that happen within it. The user and people within the barrier can still hear everything inside and out, but the people outside the barrier cannot hear sounds made within it, giving anyone within the barrier a stealthy, tactical advantage. This barrier is invisible to all but the caster (and those within it, if he wills it.)

• Silent Sphere:
Creates a bubble around the user or party cast upon that dissallows those inside it the ability to hear anything that happens out side the sphere and vice-versa. This is an extension of the Inaudibility spell.

• Ventriloquism:
The ability to capture and displace sound waves from their original location. Acts as a small sound barrier that captures and suspends the sound until the barrier has been released. The barrier resembles a bubble invisible to all but the caster, and behaves much like a bubble. It can be pushed easily, blown by wind, etc. It can only be popped at will of the caster though.

• Sound Sight:
Allows the user to see sound waves. They apear only when he focuses, and the better the focus, the clearer the sight. They also tend to appear in different shades of color depending on the type of sound.

• Sonic Boom:
A means of disspelling a barrier in which the barrier collapses so quickly that it causes a sonic boom in a radius the size of the disspelled barrier around him. It deals sonic damage to anything in the area surrounding the barrier and can cause deafening effects on both sides without proper hearing protection.

Personality: Argus is not the type of person one would expect to have his own television series. He is not a kind person, nor is he charismatic in the sense most would consider. He simply states often what is on his mind in the most true, as it is, sense one would see. He is honest, even when it doesn't seem nice to be so. He is no-nonsense, and only tends to associate with those who are just as serious and passionate as he is about what they are doing, as he does. Anyone who believes in what they are doing and does it to the best of their ability, no matter what that might be, is the kind of person that Argus trusts and respects. It's really in that Argus is unafraid of saying anything, reguardless of what impact it may have on others, that really makes him the kind of charismatic person that is so interesting to watch. If that weren't enough, he has now gained enough popularity to the point where there is no expense spared in reguards to just about anything he does worth filming. And when it comes to the hunt, there's nothing Argus will spare to ensure he comes out on top. The hunt is a passion, and if he has the necessary resources, he will spare none if it means catching his prey. The material world means very little to him despite how much of it he technically owns. To many, he is a passionate artist in the ways of capturing prey, but, to others, he is a deranged psychopath willing to murder any living thing if it means proving his dominance over them.

Back Story: Argus may very well be the last in a very long line of hunter/gatherers. From a very young age, he was trained in the ways of the hunt, passed down through generations. It was a very intense and difficult way of life, but it was the pride of the family and Argus took to it well. Part of a small group in the mountains that many people never ventured to, Argus was trained to live completely off the land. His people had little need for the marvels of modern technology, save for the weapons they developed themselves. They took pride in these weapons, and the tradition was passed down to everyone in the family that at a certain age, they would forge one weapon of their own as a right of passage; one they would keep for the rest of their lives. It was at this time that Argus forged his masterwork, the Owl Talon Battle Axe, which he carries to this day with pride.
One fateful day, during a family hunt for buffalo in the rolling plains north of the mountains they called home, Argus got separated from the rest of the party whilst trying to track a buffalo he had wounded into the woods.

Realizing how far he had tracked after finally finding his downed buffalo, he quickly butchered his kill on the spot, as it was far too heavy to carry the distance back on his own. On his way back out of the woods, he could hear the sounds of men and women shouting. Argus could hear the fight, and rushed a little faster now, realizing he was getting close.

Suddenly he heard a loud crash like ice shattering, only louder, almost like thunder. Rushing into the open field finally he saw at the opposite edge a stark white horse. At this distance though, it looked rather large for a horse, but was still too far to see in good detail. After watching the wild horse walk into the woods at the other side of the field, Argus noticed what he was too distracted by the large horse to notice before.
Off to his left, a large, spikey, ice formation was there, as if from out of nowhere, it had formed while he was gone.

No sign of his family.

Argus looked around frantically, wondering if they had hid out in the woods when this had happened, before he noticed a part of the ice formation shaped like a buffalo. He shaved some of the less dense off of the outside to see that encased in the ice was indeed, a frozen buffalo. He then discovered many other frozen buffalo, and then a smaller ice formation beside one. He slowly walked up to it to see it was humanoid.
Even more frantically now he brushed the looser ice away to see his own father, frozen solid, and slowly looked away, horrified, to see his entire family encapsulated in ice.

Only one explanation popped into his head. His grandfather had told him many stories in his youth of legendary beasts, said to be like animalistic forces of nature with great power. Beasts that possessed ether powers far stronger than any mere human. The horse was the only living thing that left this place alive, and Argus knew he had to find it. That horse had stolen everything from him, and he was going to take his revenge, whatever the cost.

It was at this point that he began training his ether abilities more, as well as fending for himself, this time, completely on his own. After a while though, after many attempts, Argus completely lost track of any signs the horse he was hunting, and decided to move and try something else. He decided to start traveling, around the world if necessary, to find his elusive prey. Just the thought of new prey in general excited him. His travels eventually led him into the more populated world, where for the first time he saw cities, and quickly learned the value of these people's 'money'. He would provide for himself, plus trade others for money. With the money he usually bought new means for making weapons, as well as armor, something he knew little of making.

He slowly took to the modern world, mainly for the technolgy that it provided to his hunt. He also developed a liking for some of their styles of food preparation, particularly, sushi. After making a name for himself based simply on his hunting prowess and the image that he was a man from another time period, travelling the world, he caught the attention of television executives, who thought a reality show starring him on his consideribly 'insane' hunts, would be a great idea. Argus did not like the idea at first, but accepted when he realized the resources it would open him up to. He would take all he could get to eventually hunt down that horse, as well as any other legendary beast he would come across.

The show, appropriately titled "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY," seemed to perfectly encapsulate the nature of his hunts at this point. Even starting as a simple big game hunting show, it's ratings shot up because people had never seen hunting the way this man did.

It escalated even further in it's second season, where he got a larger crew of other skilled hunters and researchers, who he learned to work with in hunts for legendary beasts this time around. Over the course of the second season, they successfully came in contact with a large beast, thought to be an ether beast, that got away from them. While exciting, most believed this to be a hoax, and in the third season they decided to take Argus in a different direction for a while.

Now in season three, Argus takes on yet another new challenge, hunting down the guys the normal police can't catch. He is currently the leader of his own group of televised bounty hunters, a job that he is ok with, both because of the thrill of a new type of hunt, and the power it allows him that he can use later to finally find and kill that damn horse.

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 2nd December 2015, 12:36 am

Contest Closed - - - Voting Opened

The Etheriest Villain Creation Contest is now closed. Now, we would absolutely love it if everyone could participate in the voting process, regardless of whether or not they submitted a villain.

Please understand that each character submission (or at least almost all of them) is rather large...if you're going to vote, you need to read each character in its entirety, so if you aren't willing to do that, don't waste my time with your vote. Even if you have already read the characters, you should check for edits.

Additionally, if you submitted a villain, you cannot vote for your own under any circumstances. If I see that you voted for your own submission, I will disqualify your vote entirely and it will not be tallied into the final results.

All characters can no longer be edited, and if I find any of them lacking in the layout fields (since I had requirements listed in the layout sample), I will be taking points from your total score. Contest rules are rules!

Lastly, we'll discuss how to vote. The voting period will last from today until December 6th and then the winners will be announced on December 7th. Consider all aspects of each character when making your decision. In order to vote, simply send a private message to me, Leah7, with your three favorite choices:

First Choice Name (3 Points)
Second Choice Name (2 Points)
Third Choice Name (1 Point)

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Etheriest Villain Contest Empty Re: Etheriest Villain Contest

Post by JerriLeah7 on 6th December 2015, 12:19 pm

For the record, this role-play is still accepting villains to be used.
Villains for the role-play will be totally helpful at any time!

(However, villains posted after this post should not be voted for in the contest.)

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 6th December 2015, 2:01 pm

Etheriest Villain

Name: Rochelle D'grennar (Row-shell * Duh-gren-er), AKA "Lionesse" (Lee-uh-ness)
Age: 24
Gender: Cis-Gendered Female
Appearance: 5'8, 140lbs; Brown Hair, Brown Skin, Golden Yellow Eyes
Generally seen in golds, creme colors, and deep, royal purple clothing. Her outfit styles and jewelry are generally described as "eccentric." She has a gold tattoo on her right cheek that is the symbol of her Zodiac, the Leo.
Etheriest Villain Contest Bust_c10

Occupation: Aspiring President & Dictator; Singer & Actress Celebrity
Residence: In Her Tour Bus
Abilities:/Skills: Singing, Acting, Bluff, Diplomacy,
Weapons (if any): N/A

Etheriest Class: EC5
Etheriest Ability: The Lion's Unmaking, AKA "The Eclipse" Power
Ability Description: The Lion's Unmaking is a power that is simply destruction. Taking no true form, it can appear to react and act in various ways, but it is essentially a dark energy that saps away life, light, and creation.

With this power, Lionesse can destroy anything and anyone via contact with her body and up to sixty feet in distance from her body. If there is light, she can distinguish it. If there is a clock, she can separate it into it's original parts and pieces. If there is an annoying human, she can disintegrate their skin--or under prolonged contact, their organs and bones.

Damage dealt to a target at a distance must share some form of vessel with which to transfer her destruction. For example, if a target is sixty feet away on the ground, she can reach them through the very ground or floor that they both stand on, which will also take considerable damage along the way. Her power's passage will be visible, and therefore the enemy would be forewarned and be able to dodge/move out of the way.

If there is nothing connecting Lioness from her target in the distance that separates them (such as a flying target), she will be unable to harm them until she finds a form of contact that is physical. Magical connections cannot be used to channel her destruction through. Air cold become a channel, but only at advanced EC2 experience.

Signature Spells/Abilities:
• Anger's Pride - When Lionesse becomes angry or if her pride is battered or insulted, her power tends to strike up without any thought, which "ignites" her hair, hands, and feet with a black, liquid fire. Also, a thick, dark miasma seems to emanate from her entire body, which can make it difficult to see and breathe within fifteen feet of her body. If touched by the liquid fire in this state, the target(s) will burn, as if touched by acid.

Personality: Rochelle is a person of the people--or so she'd have everyone believe. As a very charismatic and fun-loving individual, she knows just what the people like to see and hear, so she's been using that to her advantage for as long as she can remember. She knows just how to charm whom and highly skilled with her lies.

In fact, she's become so well practiced at lies, much of her history and childhood memories are so confusing and she can hardly ever remember which version of her past is the truth and which part is fantasy. Not that he past matters--Rochelle is a woman of the present and what was will never be relevant enough for what is, even with the many lessons that it has taught her.

Despite her charisma, once anyone gets to know this girl soon learns the truth of her--she is arrogant, prideful, self-conceited, demanding, a perfectionist, and highly critical. Additionally, Rochell has a severely short fuse--she can switch from perfectly calm to anger grenade in half a second and when she's mad, you steer clear. No one likes Rochelle when she's angry.

Back Story:
With her acting and sociology studies from college, Rochelle quickly became a star as the lead singer of the band "Etheria Sparks" and has been in the top ten of the music charts for the past six months. However, her other overshadowed band-mates all split from the band and formed a band separate from Lionesse just within the past week, for reasons that were never put on record. In fact, when asked by several channels of the press, the band members all refused to comment, stating that it was a personal matter and insisting that the decision had nothing to do with the rising rock star singer that they were best known for.

Unfortunately, the three band members died three days later from a horrific car accident and, according to police reports, all evidence reported to driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. When approached with this news, Lionesse was quick to make a tearful, live statement of her regret of having left the band (because it was apparently her choice to leave, not theirs), as well as the pain of her loss--she expressed distraught and surprise at their use of drugs, saying that it was "unlike them to their cores" to turn to drugs or alcohol for fun or stress release. The families of the men also agreed with this statement.

As far as motivations go, Rochelle has known since she was....ten years old?...that she is a Queen. A Queen that the world should not only revolve around, but appreciate and love. She is currently running for President, where she hopes to not only rule the country, but soon overtake the neighboring Japanese country by hammering down their dictatorship and making it her own. With the power of two countries and the lives of millions under her thumb, Lionesse intends to make love, war, and everything between with smooth manipulation--in fact, she desires to "re-vamp" the entire population so that it will reflect her ideals, her way of life, and of course, her stylish good looks.

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Post by Vye on 14th December 2015, 8:04 pm

Etheriest Villain

Name: Nuri Cioe (Pronounced "Cho-eh")
Age: 26
Gender: F
Appearance: 5ft 10in tall, 145lbs, Fair skinned with short, slick, and black hair. Brown eyes. Lean, muscular build, although it’s often hidden under her traditional priestess robes. Under her robes, she often wears a fancy sleeveless vest over a mesh body suit. She also wears tight-fitting, black trousers under baggy, white pants, and hard-soled slippers.

When not in her priestess outfit, she still wears her slippers and pants, but she also wears burnt umber blouse with a large black bow tied just above the chest. Always wrapped around her left wrist is a set of 3 bracelets of differing colors, all interwoven into each other. Resting on the center of the bow is a rounded sapphire, its gold encasing pinned to the fabric.

Occupation: Works as a junior priestess in the Gashin temple, assisting the senior priests, leading prayer sessions, teaching younger members lessons from the sacred text, and blessing the deceased during funerals.
Residence: A small village isolated from the larger cities by tall wooded hills. The village, unnamed and unknown to most except avid travelers, is located 30mi (48km) away from Coldrion City.
Abilities:/Skills: Able to translate the ancient language of her people, knowledgeable in mythologies both current and past, skilled in manipulating one’s own aura, hand-to-hand combat, self-defense against melee weapons, practices a custom form of martial arts that originated in her people's history centuries ago, emphasizing crippling blows to weak points in the human body as well as throws and disarming grapples, all while expending as little energy as possible.
Weapons (if any): N/A

Etheriest Class: EC3
Etheriest Ability: Force Chaos
Ability Description: Chaos is the "anti-ether" that exists naturally in the world. As Ether exists, so too does Chaos exist as its polar opposite. In this case, the two neutralize each other when they come into contact. Because humans evolved to naturally absorb Ether with their aura, and Chaos' scarcity in the environment, Chaos manipulation is rarely seen as an ability.

When a human can absorb Chaos, that's usually the only thing their auras can absorb, so they don't use Ether at all. As such, a Chaos user's aura feels noticeably different from that of an Etheriest. Most can't even describe what the aura feels like due to never experiencing Chaos before. However, Chaos users tend to cause others around them to feel sick or fatigued, as any Chaos they emanate will interact with the Ether around them, cancelling out any Ether that comes in contact.

Anti-Etheriests tend to use Chaos sparingly, and everyone in Nuri's family is taught to suppress their Chaos unless attacked by an Etheriest. Even then, the use of Chaos is conservative, but it can completely nullify an Etheriest's abilities so long as the Anti-Etheriest has enough Chaos. Just like Etheriests, Chaos users can manifest their magic into different forms or abilities, but one's full extent has yet to be discovered.

In Nuri's case, her Chaos takes the shape of a heavy, vaporous gas that acts similarly to the gas that comes from liquid nitrogen. Nuri emanates Chaos from head to toe, forming a thin buffer that consumes Ether. Once the Ether is consumed, the satiated Chaos dissipates, taking on a different state of energy. Therefore, Nuri is required to resupply her buffer whenever she takes a hit. She can focus her Chaos at various points of her body, allowing her to nullify larger quantities of Ether while draining her aura more quickly.

It its densest form, Nuri's Chaos takes on the attributes of a Non-Newtonian fluid, existing as a thick, opaque liquid, but once pressure is applied, the liquid becomes momentarily solid. This property allows Nuri to use her Chaos offensively as a striking weapon or a projectile. With great concentration, Nuri can mentally manipulate the super dense Chaos, having it levitate around her as a liquid on-hand before sending it off to strike an opponent or shield an ally. This state of Chaos, however, drains her aura most quickly, and has only been experimented with lightly.

Signature Spells/Abilities:
• Chaos Armor: Nuri douses her body in Chaos, expending almost a quarter of her Chaos reserve. This boosts her Ether resistance 5 times above the resistance granted by the buffer she usually creates. It also allows her to pass through Ether shields and fields unfazed.
• Repel: Chaos is radiated in a figurative sphere that has the potential to ward off any Etheriests or drain the Ether of anyone who remains. This zone also depletes the present Ether inside as Ether and Chaos combine to become some other form of energy. Any Etheriests caught inside can experience anything from nausea to headaches to vertigo as their Ether gradually drops to dangerously low levels.
• Aura Shot: Nuri super condenses Chaos in her hands, after which she fires it as a projectile. Because of Chaos's nullifying properties, it can travel through fields, shields, and summoned matter until all of the projectile's Chaos is lost as converted energy. Nuri's projectiles are small, so they're only effective in piercing thin or uncompressed Ether surfaces.

Personality: Despite Nuri's muscular physique and prowess in the martial arts, she is easily described as sweet and caring by her peers. She firmly believes that there is good in everyone, and each person has a purpose, similar to the beliefs she follows. Accordingly, she has never killed another living being, and only fights in self-defense. However, she wears her duty on her heart, and has been led to believe that her purpose is to continue the Cioe lineage as well as bring the Oowanshin way of life back to its former state, so that all Chaos users may find a refuge, and that the outsiders will learn how to achieve true wisdom.

Nuri's positivity can lead her to easily trusting one too much, as she often falls for pranks from some of the younger villagers. If betrayed, though, she finds it hard to personally forgive those who've wronged her, but because of her beliefs, she ends up accepting the perpetrators anyway, if they have received proper punishment. Nuri is a staunch believer of justice and morality, but only through the perspective of the holy book of enlightenment that she often carries with her. In truth, she tends to assume she the moral high ground in a situation, but she never says it openly. Being so close to her parents, she has a hard time disagreeing with them, even when she knows they don't know everything.

Other than history and mythology, Nuri enjoys sparring, reading, and listening to music. She isn't well adjusted to city life and most modern technology, but she finds metropolitan areas interesting. When she's drunk, one wrong word can lead to a fight, as she tends to get very...physical.

Back Story: The Oowanshin are a people that have history that date back to the days of gods and kings. Nobody truly knows where the Oowanshin began, but it’s most commonly believed that a merciful king was granted supernatural powers after he learned to forgive a murderer that took the life of his child. The king was also bestowed the wisdom and knowledge of the gods, which he would pass on to his followers. Anyone who denied their carnal pleasures and seek the divine path would achieve transcendental qualities and join other followers in paradise after death. Anyone else will spend an eternity on Earth as a spirit trapped in their dead bodies.

The good king eventually had another child which inherited his father’s powers, and so did the descendants of the child, until a noble bloodline of ether users was established. Each generation was responsible for leading the kingdom and passing down the teachings of the deities, at some point in history only becoming the Chaos Spirit’s teachings. As time passed, the kingdom grew, dynasties were established, and the teachings were spread by traveling missionaries. However, Gashin, the kingdom’s religion, was always one of the least common religions in the world.

Fast forward to today where Gashin is a shadow of its former self. Most to all followers practice in hiding due to the taboo stigma that surrounds their religion and traditions. With Makarism and Atheism on the rise, Gashists and the Oowanshin received persecution on both sides; one side refuting the existence of any deities while the other demonizes the religion for its occultist nature and polarizing customs. The noble family has become sparse, branching off into smaller families that either embrace their roots, forget it entirely, or something in between. The ether ability that binds the family members also acts as a separation from others because of their aura.

Nuri was lucky to be born to a family that lives comfortably in a secluded village that still practices its ancient culture. She spent her childhood under the shadow of her older brother, who was a star etheriest and a diligent musician. He enjoyed combining his ether performances with grandiose musical numbers and a choir to boot. Nuri had her own talents, but she never garnered the same praise her brother had. Most often, people would jokingly ask if Nuri would follow in her brother’s footsteps. Nuri’s parents would give her attention every now and then, but Nuri’s father was busy working his way up to becoming the village leader while her mother was one of the leading medics of the town.

Nuri would go on to learn mostly from her grandfather, who told her many stories about the village’s history and the history of their culture while also teaching her how to use her ether ability in martial arts. Nuri got her passion for mythology from her grandmother, who works as priestess and a teacher. When Nuri was still young, her brother decided to leave the village to find new experiences, secretly telling her that he was tired of living there. Nuri couldn’t imagine why anyone would hate living in such tranquility, especially with her brother’s popularity, but life wasn’t the same once he left. Being the only descendant of her parents, Nuri encountered a lot more pressure to be the shining example of the noble family for when she becomes the family head or even the village leader. She was molded into the shape that her village wanted, but at least she was finally receiving some recognition. She’s even been told of other villages joining forces to increase their strength.

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