OC: Chrystiana of Aren

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OC: Chrystiana of Aren Empty OC: Chrystiana of Aren

Post by Guest on 4th June 2012, 2:24 pm


OC: Chrystiana of Aren Worrio10
(Pictured above at 5 feet tall with her wings absorbed, she can also be 5 inches tall as well)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Woodland Fairy

Personality: Chrystiana is as stubborn as she is a tease. Kind and patient, she always gives people a moment of her time if needed. She's clever and dangerous when the situation arises. She loves the Aren Forest in which she lives but finds little trouble exploring others. Having grown up in a warrior world she takes her talents very seriously.

Weapons/Talents: Chrystiana is an elementalist, using the four main elements along with magic to do various tasks and spells. She was given blue dragon magic on a quest she went on when she was younger. For weapons she customarily uses a bow and arrows, knives, blades, or a sword. (Occassionally she'll attempt another weapon or skill but for the most part these are her usuals.)

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