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Post by Ink on 20th June 2012, 6:13 pm

Name: Aia Fenix

Age: Early 20's

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Occupation: Rouge

Appearance: A dark skinned young woman (By dark, my meaning is that she is about the skin tone as the average African American and yes, I'm aware that the term 'African American' holds no meaning here, it is just comparison because I don't know how else to describe it) with long, silver hair, grey eyes, and a narrow face. She often times wears a grey hood or beige hood with brown leather armor, metal bracers, leather boots, and yellow 'war paint' running down the bridge of her nose then splits into two lines running down her cheeks and neck. She also spots a bronze necklace with a large ruby in it. On her back is a tattoo in red of a bird silhouette.

Items: Aia often carries around a banded iron shield that she wears on her back when it's not in use, a few lock picks, and a silver ring of illusion.

Weapons: A Bow & Arrows set she wears on her back over top her shield, a steel short sword worn at the waist.

Equipment: Occasionally, Aia will carry a rope with a hook at the end of it for the purpose of scaling high vertical surfaces.

Magic: Aia rarely uses magic and has no specialty on account of the whole human thing. She can mostly use minor spells as she reads them in tomes.

Abilities: Notably capable of absorbing the souls of magical creatures she kills and takes, from them, one of their abilities. But taking one ability removes the last she'd taken and releases the soul of the previous creature from her body. This ability also enables her to access the memories of the last monster whose soul she absorbs. The memories she can retain unlike the power she takes from them. She can also speak in the language of many non-human (English) speaking magical creatures.

Skills: Expert marksman, skilled in stealth, lock picking, pick pocketing, and general thievery.

Aia lived in a small village throughout most of her early childhood. However, then came a looming darkness and a dragon, a feral one, not nearly peaceful, burned it all down. Her parents saved the child's life by hiding her beneath the house in an underground space they'd been digging that wasn't yet big enough for anyone but her. The child made her way back to the surface and found her village in shambles, her parents dead in the street, one burned alive, the other crushed beneath debris. The dragon lay there, having been caught in a trap. The people had put up a decent fight and it was caught but it'd killed everyone before they could kill it. Its mouth had been tied and it couldn't move its wings from under the debris that'd fallen on them. Aia took, from one of the fallen warriors, a short sword and approached the beast who spoken in a foreign tongue...one which she can understand. "Human. A child, no less. With rightfully earned aggression...go on. Strike your final blow then. End this here."

Aia first hesitates but soon runs the blade down into its skull and kills it. Fast forward several years and Aia has grown into a competent thief, skilled at archery and combat. She had earned herself a name to be certain. She was always largely energetic, even playful at times when she knew there was something she could handle. Always before collected and laid back. However, she tries with every fiber of her being not to attach herself to people. The people she gets close always end up catching their death of some beast or foe, or they find themselves at the wrong end of a guillotine.

Aia maintains one thing. Her first kill, that dragon, it'd revealed her peculiar abilities to her. She had been imbued with a vague memory. It was one of someone telling the dragon to attack. Who the person was could not be seen. Neither their gender, figure, or any true relevance to their voice were revealed. Only that someone told the dragon to do it. There had been some cases since then, all of which Aia was on. She'd killed almost all of those attacking beasts to the point of now slaying a Vampire...again, and taking, from it, its Night Vision.

Character Advancement: Aia seeks to find the person responsible for the creature attacks over the years so she can personally put an arrow through their skull. Aside from her main quest, her sub arc revolves around her learning to stop detaching herself from people.

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