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NPC's: Wishful Thinking Empty NPC's: Wishful Thinking

Post by Ink on Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:13 pm

Main Characters

Prof. Sabrina Bizra/Bizarro:
NPC's: Wishful Thinking Images39NPC's: Wishful Thinking 38775-10
Age: 23
Nicknames: Prof, Doc, Rina, Biz
Abilities: Sabrina is a genius in the field of Norn studies. She's also versed in medical practices and technology. This is a strong note of her character being skilled in Magic, Science, and Alchemy though is not particularly better in any one than the others.
Preferred Weapon(s): As Sabrina Bizra, the Prof tends to keep her arsenal down to whatever she can get her hands on if she needs to. She isn't much of a fighter as much as a thinker. However, as Professor Bizarro, she gains access to pocket space within her lab coat which is where she stores a number of things from a particle cannon to a massive shockwave producing hammer.
History: Sabrina is an acclaimed genius and was recognized as such from an early age. She is notably obsessed with Norn Treasures and unraveling the many secrets they hold. A particular accident involving a Norn Treasure in her possession resulted in a complete personality split that resulted in the creation of an insane alter ego, Professor Bizarro. A twisted and completely unpredictable genius mind. She's learn to control herself since then but occasionally she does have brief spurts of insanity. She generally tries to hide that fact that she's half insane despite it being incredibly obvious.
Personality: As Sabrina, she is like a typical cool big sister. She looks out for everyone and is ready to help if there's ever a problem. She tends to lose her composure around Norn Treasures though. As Prof. Bizarro, she is completely and totally insane, not to mention evil. The thing is, her insanity doesn't make her come across as incompetent as it does in most cases. She's a legitimate threat which is why Sabrina tries to keep herself in check.

NPC's: Wishful Thinking Snapsh10
Age: 19
Nicknames: N/A
Abilities: A girl who is probably the best fighter among the group, Lassy is actually a trained combatant both with a blade and a gun.
Preferred Weapon(s): Lassy's signature weapon is her trusty Gunsaber. A long Katana with a gun handle where the hilt would be. That handle can be turned down into a 90 degree angle and the weapon becomes the equivalent of a shotgun.
History: Lassy's adventures span all the way back to the west where she grew up. Her daddy died when she was young but she carried on as his fill-in to a local defense force. (Wishful Thinking: Episode 0. It's a prequel). Now she's out travelling on her own.
Personality: Lassy is ridiculously blunt and outspoken. She's also incredibly sarcastic but when those close to her are in danger, she'll fight hard enough to bring down entire armies.

NPC's: Wishful Thinking Disgae10
Age: 16
Nicknames: N/A
Abilities: K is know for her keep ability to escape from almost any predicament.
Preferred Weapon(s): K is known for her trademarked claw gloves. Gloves with retractable feline claws.
History: A cute little thing whose number one goal in life is to be the world's greatest treasure hunter. However, she spends most all of her time in a small, stealing food and valuables from those who wouldn't miss them for survival alongside her friend, Ryder.
Personality: Free Spirited and a little immature to be sure, but she's also a rather clever girl and she's naturally very hot-headed and competitive.

NPC's: Wishful Thinking 010
Age: ???
Nicknames: N/A
Abilities: Seems to be particularly skilled in the use of show magic (The pulling a rabbit from a hat kind).
Preferred Weapon(s): Razor sharp playing cards that can be thrown with deadly force and accuracy.
History: Little is known about Ryder. He met K in town when they were young and she quickly developed a crush on him. To be perfectly honest, it's not very well known of he's actually her friend or if she just won't leave him alone and keeps getting him involved in her little adventures. His coin is a Norn Token and can be used to track the location of other Norn.
Personality: Ryder is notably very VERY quiet. He rarely speaks and when he shows emotion, it's usually either curiosity or sly interest.


NPC's: Wishful Thinking Char_411
Age: 17
Nicknames: N/A
Abilities: Synn is a skilled sword fighter. She is also incredibly clever and is known for coming up with incredibly inventive means of handling certain situations. Means that often look suicidal at first but allow her to come out on top. She claims that if she wasn't crazy, these things would never work.
Preferred Weapon(s): Synn is known to carry around two rapiers. One gold, one silver.
History: There isn't much to tell about Synn. She is one of the most notorious pirates alive. Not only because of her being a female, but also because of her age and how incredibly good at it she is. She's claimed many a victory over other pirates and she's not about to let her streak end. What makes it even more outrageous is that she is one of two people who actually keeps her ship running. Figure that one out.
Personality: While just as laid back, hot-headed, rash, and competitive as K, Synn is much more fearless and has a silver tongue (she's good at lying and talking her way out of things). She's grown increasingly more deceptive over the years.


NPC's: Wishful Thinking 250px-13
Age: 27
Nicknames: N/A
Abilities: Brig's trademark is his brutish strength and mastery of brawling.
Preferred Weapon(s): He doesn't resort to using it often but Brig tends to have a massive blade on him at all times, big enough to lob five trees in one swing.
History: As a favor to Synn's father, Brig watches over Synn on her adventures and tries to keep her out of harm's way with his unrivaled might.
Personality: Brig enjoys a good brawl for certain but he's actually a gentle giant when it gets right down to it. When he isn't out punching some poor sap's face in, he's cleaning or in the kitchen, reading, the works.

??? Characters

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NPC's: Wishful Thinking Vyse0111

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NPC's: Wishful Thinking Empty Re: NPC's: Wishful Thinking

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The Following are NPC's that don't have story arcs of their own or anything but travel around. Also, a note of who is in which party at the bottom.


NPC's: Wishful Thinking Cyborg11
Brief History: Cyan was a girl who died due to an untraceable disease. She was revived as a cyborg, co-created by Sabrina Bizra but they couldn't save her mind so it was worked over with a positronic-secondary mind. Originally meant to simply be a tour guide for the city of tomorrow, that plan was put through the door shortly after Dr. Bizarro came into the world. As an early plot, Bizarro took the tour guide and modified her into an assault-droid with forearms that can transform into mortars and rockets in her lower legs. She can hover for brief periods of time and her only weapons are the mortars on her arms that fire a 'sonic cannon' which can be fired at various intensities. Bizra discovered this later and reprogrammed her to simply be a helping hand around the lab. Cyan is programmed to be incredibly polite and obedient, with high end etiquette pre-programmed into most all of her actions. She even apologizes in fights occasionally. Being a cyborg, she is also incredibly strong though surprisingly, Brig is still stronger. Cyan was struck by lightning at one point which seemed to generate a sporadic pseudo-personality instead of simple logic and mechanical processing. Cyan's headpiece cannot be removed. If it is, she automatically shuts down. It's a main battery and the back-up needs to be manually activated. Cyan's joints (particularly her shoulders, elbows, and knees) are weak points. Sturdy but not as sturdy as the rest of her.
-Polite, Obedient, Quiet, Gentle, Docile


NPC's: Wishful Thinking Bc05_010
Axel is an 18 year old with a talent for getting into trouble. He acts cool and tries not to lose his composure but he is a bit temperamental. He's an adventurer and is out to collect Norn Treasures. He fights using his own two hands while otherwise he would have a bag of Norn Treasures on standby. He als seems to have another talent...a notably innate one. He can't control this but usually he can't seem to keep girls away if he's in an area where there are enough of them. (Keep that in mind when the RP starts and his Party meets up with K and Synn)
-Calm, Sly, Hot-Headed

K's Party

Sabrina's Part

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