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Post by Guest on 2nd August 2012, 5:40 pm

Name: Correia Sympatrica

Gender: F

Age: 28

Alignment: LN

Guild: Virago

Symbol/Tattoo Location: Right/Left Palms

Desired Guild Rank: B

OCs/Potential OC pics F781f29d128aceda0f167094ee6bb7ca1fe6b653
Home Country: United Merchant States

Occupation (if any): Mercenary

Skills/Magic Ability (if any):
Imbue Element
Correia can elementally charge armaments, effectively increasing their power, defensive abilities, and so on/so forth. For example, her suit of armour can be imbued with earth, increasing her protection against that element (alongside her overall protection), and her sword can be imbued with fire, making it far more deadly than a regular sword. However, she can't just magic up these elements from nothing. This elemental power must be drawn from an actual source, whether it be torch for fire, leaves for earth, and water for... well, water. Armaments also only stay imbued for so long, and when it runs out, it becomes a regular set of weapons and armour.


OCs/Potential OC pics Sample_9502a312367ef5841fa7d8189f44de6c0e322915

OCs/Potential OC pics Sample_f7b033e75ce452981e9005bceef3613ee97ea83f

OCs/Potential OC pics Sample_f693c8ca1bb1a521c75c4ec5292b6669e52acf1a

OCs/Potential OC pics 4c6409b5a1fd2eee9efb490a76ba3f3519c1f1c0

OCs/Potential OC pics C7fbf713fa63040cd39d2524d425faa0a82e6bb2

OCs/Potential OC pics 88207980a99179f1ca9d60dc2a7ae6abff91faae

OCs/Potential OC pics 76fbea2ddd838773291d6fe3509b9bf09f327080

History/Back Story:
Correia was born in the United Merchant States, and quickly learned that there was far too much pressure from everywhere. Her family wanted her to "continue the legacy", her friends wanted her to "use her assets" and go somewhere with a fancy noble, and her school pressured her to be the best housewife possible. Correia couldn't deal with it. Family, friends, school, it was all too much to think about. She just couldn't deal with it and began to block it all out and decided that the best thing for her was to escape for a while.

The moment she did, Correia became a little more "in-tune" and began to realize who she really wanted to be. Picking up a sword, she began to train and train, though at first, she wasn't very good (though it wasn't her fault, the weighting on any wood sword is somewhat faulty), and in rage, she funneled a little energy into it and flames from her bonfire burned her sword into a crisp, and her hands became severely burned. Confused, she began to experiment with more wood swords, refining her power until at last, the fire only coated the blade without spreading.

Realizing what she had, she knew what must be done. With much prodding, her family allowed her to spread the family name her own way "by fighting for the United Merchant States". Further experimenting with her skills, she discovered how to do much more than just surround a weapon with fire while training on her own. It was as if the weapon morphed itself according to her will. A few weeks later, she realized her armour applied the same way... this was big, but she wanted to make sure that she had the right cause to bring honour to her family.
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Post by Guest on 2nd August 2012, 5:40 pm

Name: Felix Lychin

Gender: F

Age: 15

Alignment: CG

Guild: Quinsenterra (if spots allow)

Symbol/Tattoo Location: Full left arm

Desired Guild Rank: A

Appearance: She's one tall girl, and tall is an understatement. The 6'8 behemoth of a girl has long arms and even longer legs, good for running, and her hands are very large as well, earning her the nickname "Felix Long Legs", as she is a very protective teenaged girl. She wears one-sided heavy armour over a long green dress, with her dominant arm and shoulder completely free of any protection (to allow for maximal flexibility), and happens to be armed with a freakishly large long bow and two crossbows, with a quiver slung around her back and bolt holsters across her hips.

As a noble, she had access to the most designer of fashions and the most expensive of makeups, but not much was needed to make her look beautiful, what with all of her parent's good genes. Golden locks and blue eyes apparently ran in the family, as she had both. Luxurious lips finished off her face as did a well-shaped nose and small ears, though the ears looked out of place on such a large body. Her eyes had an intense focus to them, as if they didn't know anything else but to focus.

OCs/Potential OC pics Sample_d2ad8c2ee3b07f0149d0a158d4711b0157a74bb0
OCs/Potential OC pics 91dd18dec9c03bb9d8239386361725811604ad84

Home Country: Sarrice

Occupation (if any): Noble

Skills/Magic Ability (if any):

Ice Arrows

Her archery style stemmed from a magical incident forcing her into permanent tunnel vision, but it also gave her a very interesting power. When she shoots any sort of firearm, she can choose to expend a little more energy to have it almost freeze up while in flight. This doesn't change the trajectory of the arrow by any means, but it makes it irrelevant what quality arrow she's firing and increases her damage potential by a fair amount (and the arrow speed by a fair amount), especially because it takes relatively little energy to do so. However, again, she has acute tunnel vision, and can really only see straight in front of her, as if she were seeing in a permanent scope. This makes her overly far sighted, and makes it hard to read or see anything close enough to hit her in hand-to-hand combat. Her scope-sight also makes it hard for her to function in everyday society,

History/Back Story:

If rich kids were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, she was born with a platinum one in her's. Felix was born to two business magnates who provided alternate jobs for many in their city in their local monopoly of mines and logging. These jobs paid quite well due to the high profit margins, and they were quite popular as such, but the parents still didn't feel very safe about leaving their child around... so there was an ultimatum held over her head. Either learn a battle skill to keep herself safe, or learn the family business.

Felix chose the latter and took up the art of the bow, getting quite good at it. This led to her being allowed to wander the streets of the city alone, with bow and arrow in hand. No use needed to be made of them until she was eight and wanted to visit her local baker for some sweet pastries... especially the cinnamon buns. She would get no cinnamon buns, but she would instead find a robber stealing from her favourite (and only) baker! Quickly, she drew an arrow and slung it at the man's arm, forcing him to drop the bag of goodies. The baker retrieved them and ran back in, but at the cost of Felix's near sight. The man cast a spell on her and she was knocked out cold.

Waking up, she thought she had grown giant. The ceiling looked so close, but yet, was still so far. Her family was standing right next to her, but she wouldn't realize it until one of them touched her on the shoulder. Looking, she saw a very large nose arch and was confused... Laughter erupted as she asked if Daddy had turned into a giant nose. This had effects on her archery, allowing her to be increasingly accurate until she could hit a bullseye from even 450 feet 90 per cent of the time.

Her ice abilities did not surface until the age of 14, when she had developed a... rather tall growth spurt. Now 6' 4", her father decided that she could go on one of the hunting trips with her dad's crew. Felix enjoyed every minute of the hunt, and bagged a couple of deer... it was the next find that really got her. Noticing a brown thing charging at her dad's wealthy friend, she gulped... as it neared, she found it was a rather large bear, hard to down with just an arrow... Quick to sling her bow, she tried to fire two in quick succession, but missed... there must have been a better way to slay a bear with one arrow!

Residual magic made its way into her veins from the incident, and something was drawn from the air. The moment she released the arrow, it flew like Hermes, freezing mid-flight and taking out the bear with half of the icy arrow embedded in the bear's skull. Realizing what she had, her father sent a call out to the guilds to see whom would take her. Many guilds inquired, but Quinsenterra loved her for more than her ability, and it seemed like a natural fit for a noble lady to go to a noble guild.
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Name:Vivaric Iodicius

Age: 32

Gender: M

Inhabitant or awoken: Awoken

OCs/Potential OC pics 2008-baseball-player

Personality: Vivaric is a snobby baseball star, known for his hitting and his exceptional base-stealing. He is VERY self-appreciating and is also quite appreciative of others, noting that everyone deserves a yes moment in their lives. That's not to say he's not a truthful person, he's VERY truthful, but he likes to MASK his truth in a velvety coating.

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Post by Guest on 2nd August 2012, 5:42 pm

*Name: Lyon Dufresne
Nickname(s): Duffy
*Age: 24
*Gender: M
*Alignment: NG
Occupation: Chef
OCs/Potential OC pics E9e60bd6723703b69ea53bb15525c6011e6dc47e

*Preferred Weapon(s): Cookbooks
*Skills: Tactics, cooking
Abilities(A LOW LEVEL power): Spice Storm (a maelstrom of 11 secret herbs and spices made to blind the enemy with the power of capsaicin.)
*Experience Level: Basic (borderline Intermediate)
Item(s): Herbs, spices, preservatives, and his MAGIC COOKBOOK.
Specialty: Alchemy, delicacies improving health and power

*Likes: Food, chess, land, poker
*Dislikes: People dropping food or making bad food
*Fears: Blood
*Values: Skill, Taste
*Bad Habits: Rather loud talker, A bit blunt.
*General Personality: With just a hint of hot-head and a dash of gentleman, Lyon is a man of chivalry and honour. He has a decent tolerance for balderdash, but does not take well to insistence and bullying, willing to dish out what's necessary to prove a point.
Trademark: A verbal tic after most sentences: "Ni"

Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): Mackenzie Dufresne, Angel Lemaire-Dufresne
Mother: Antoine LeMaire
Father: Arbalest Dufresne
Non-Immediate Family: Not known
*History: Mere chefs were known as artists, masters of the five flavours and sages of the spice. Lyon found this fun at an early age, wanting to mix it up and try to create something new, mixing salty and sweet, savoury and spicy, even bold and bland to impress the cooking world. For a time, he did, and he exalted in the knowledge that the grown-ups liked his food... until his recipes began to be analyzed by other chefs and were duplicated, putting his name back into obscurity.

8 years later, at the age of 15, he was roving the village he lived in. It was rather large, and even had its own library, restaurants, and could have been mistaken for a smaller town if every single person wasn't adamant on calling it a village. Their home sounded cozier that way. Lyon cruised through the streets, finally settling on a bookstore to enter. The man there looked at him with curiousity, and called for him. The conversation was candid, and finally, it ended as all good salesmen ended conversations:

"Would you like to buy something?"
"No, thanks, ni..."
"But I have JUST the book for you..."

The man scurried into his back storage, sounds coming out from the back... very odd sounds, too. He must have been an animal person, with cats meowing, dogs backing, and fish... well, not doing much of anything in the back storage. Finally, he came back out with a dusty old tome, very leathery to the touch and well-bound. It was a beginners book of sorts, and to satisfy the man, he bought the book. Not until he got home did he realize his purchase.

Pouring over the beginner's guide to Saucory and Spicecraft, Lyon studied carefully, inscribing his own discoveries in his own little lexicons. Dedicating his life to the craft, in little time, he knew the beginner's guide like the back of his hand and had even developed a couple of spells on his own, though most of them were intended to enhance flavour, not combat.

At 20, he set out on his own and quickly discovered that the world was no cakewalk, but more a souffle-walk. It was hard to survive as a travelling chef, what with all the brigands and barbarians stalking the roads. He found it necessary to create some more spells, more suited to combat, like the Capsaicin Cannon and the Thyme Torpedo, two bolt spells amongst other defensive spells. He now quests for more ingredients to add to his half-mad, half-brilliant pantry of secret herbs and spices, some of which will unlock powers beyond imagination.

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Post by Guest on 2nd August 2012, 5:43 pm

Name: Scaris N'mitris
Male/female: M
OCs/Potential OC pics D23558e9f2521f5e341b307910e438836f2a7daa
Background: Born to a merchant family, it was just in the blood for him. He had an eye for junk and turning said junk into gold. He really liked to restore old weapons and make them into masterpieces of art and soul. When the family moved, however, so did he, and he made friends so quickly, that he didn't want to leave every time he got to a new place. Fed up with this, they finally left him in a location to start up a "headquarters" for their sales of sorts. This gave Scaris some sense of belonging and he began to hone his skills of craft and even begin to create even more money for their merchant empire.

Now raring for adventure, he began to travel on his own with a bunch of wares to sell.

Personality: Definitely quite eccentric for a salesman. He does like to waste a customer's time with stories and boredom, but otherwise, he's very amiable, MUCH more so to anyone who buys something. A great cook and a good smith is always prepared for anything when it comes to making the sale and he is good at both. He is also very neutral despite his tribal affiliation, because he doesn't really care for the war. War is great for wasting good metal and such without making anything useful.
Race: Human
Tribe: Light, though coin speaks louder than affiliation
Character traits (these dont have to be picked at the beginning.): Ability Master, Bound Item
Starting skill(s)
Normal:(2 skills) Leadership (LV1), Herbs/Poisons (LV1)
Racial:(Listed on races page) Craft (LV2)

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Name: Sierra Villanueva

Age: 24

Gender: F

Alignment: LG ((LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN, LE, NE, CE--These are specified in the discussions thread.))

Race/Species/Ethnicity/Culture: Human/Human/Caucasian/European

Weapons: HIIIGH NUMBER of weapons. In addition to a protective trenchcoat that is plated with strong lightweight metals for defense, there are holsters and scabbards for EACH weapon in her arsenal. Four rapiers and two claymores sit inside each scabbard of the six. A broadaxe slung on her back accentuates her close-range attack. Hand crossbows lying in holsters on the front of her coat round out her offensive capabilities, with different types of bolts for different situations. Defensively, she is not well-equipped, with only the well-lined coat, and she has no magic whatsoever.

Back Story/History/World Information: Sierra is definitely royalty, through and through. Born to a Spanish duke and French duchess (a travesty at the time), they wanted her to be pristine and perfect to prove that cross-country marriages could work. A spoiled little child, she was taught to be a lady instead of a warrior, though that's not what Sierra wanted at all. Instead of frocks and lace (though she DID like sewing), she chose bruises and battleaxes, and would steal away from her classes to learn how to be a page.

Her page and squire phases quickly passed, instead switching to weapons forging (as she found the tasks too trivial). Being a "commoner's job", Sierra's parents quickly disapproved and sent her to a ladies' school, intended to make her a little more feminine. Instead, it fueled her anger and she returned, only to complete her masterpiece. An ornate coat, designed to be light-weight AND sturdy, fashionable AND functional, took her quite a bit of time, even with her blueprints. Her parents begged her to be the lady they wanted her to be, but their pleas were futile. As a final resort, they "granted her wish", and sent her to a training session, designed to teach her that she wasn't cut out for being a warrior.

They thought wrong. Sierra became one of the elite in no time, though her by-the-book demeanor made her less than popular with her knight-mates. Unfortunately for her, they dismissed her after an altercation with a less-than-honourable knight. All the better for the knighthood, because she was a woman! Disgusted with the knighthood, she set out on her own to search for soldiers untainted by the knighthood's misogynist views.

Additional Information (if any):

She is by the book, a stickler for law, but energetic as well. In every way, she is honourable and just, unwilling to compromise her integrity. Sierra is NOT very amiable when first met, very brash and bossy as a person, though her nougatty center isn't very hard to get to if one is a good chef. If there was one weakness in her morals, it was for the largest of haunches, the supplest of suckling pigs, and the sweetest of cakes. Ever vigilant, her code demands that she protects the weak, but also demands that she only kill when necessary. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Her interior character does have... some quirks. She believes devoutly in religion and believes that it is God who drove her to fight for the right cause. A code of poverty is often in her way, as any money she does make often either goes to the Church or to the upkeep of her weaponry. As such, she has an inordinately high appreciation for the finer things in life, like baths and such.

Sierra is powerfully strong, though she is NOT extensively powerful. Sierra has a very good knowledge of weapons and field-position, able to reposition herself in the best place possible to make an attack, however, she has little, if not, NO magical ability. Her defensive skills involve the ability to parry with her weapons expertly, but she will take very many scratches.

With sunkissed skin and long, hazel hair, she would be any trinket for a husband. Her eyes are a dim green, and her lips are inordinately large for the size of her face (which is not that large). On the topic of that face, it never lacks energy, and that's seen in her jittery movements. Her height is above-average, standing at 5' 10", though short compared to most knights, but what's interesting is her coat.

This signature coat is dark-blue in colour, not unlike an admiral's coat, with golden sequins and rather ornate linings. The back is emblazoned with her coat-of-arms, which depicts a gryphon and a dragon under the large battle axe. Crossbows line her hips, ready for usage when necessary, each tipped with poison, oil, even small incendiary devices.

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Post by Guest on 17th August 2012, 8:53 pm

Servant Profile: CASTER

Name: Olivi Versailles
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 50 kg
In Combat:
OCs/Potential OC pics Sample_e6fe1136093b2144105431912cee85e3840f5004
Out of Combat:
OCs/Potential OC pics 35028aa1a7d43f7f688c7de3cf4c98cecfe74f9d
Occupation: Alchemist
Personality: Unlike most Alchemists, Caster is withdrawn and shy, not very boisterous of her accomplishments. Oddly enough, she is one of the few Alchemists who succeeded to do what most Alchemists wanted to do. Caster has some quirks that make her stand out immensely in a crowd. Nervous twitches, gulping, clinging onto the person she's out with (for she is never EVER alone), and sometimes even clumsiness are symptoms of her anxiety in public, lending to her withdrawn personality.

When she is in private, this eases somewhat. While she can certainly function, she still has trouble with people watching her and can easily make mistakes. In combat, she does not like to participate, though she is willing to do so if completely necessary. She can be a little bitchy at times if pushed hard enough out of her shell, but her shy apologies certainly make up for it. Getting close to her is hard, but if one does, she can prove to be a great companion.

STRENGTH: F (Normal Human Strength)

Caster can create weapons grade broken phantasms, alongside INCREDIBLY powerful charms and potions, even more powerful than potions of lore that can even provide TEMPORARY immortality. These charms, while difficult to make even for Caster in two weeks, provide boosts that increase any given stat of the user an entire grade.

In exchange for frailty in physical being, Caster completely nullifies all modern magic and suffers little damage even from True Magic.

Can create a magical workshop. Stock included.

No need to worry about money.

The most powerful of modern spells can be cast as quickly as the most simple.

Can access information that is not previously known.

Understand modern magics used, cannot replicate.

Ianos Cryptograph: C [ANTI UNIT, ANTI ARMY, SUPPORT]
Spellbook containing magics and recipes that are used by Caster. Includes high speed shots of lead bullets and other metals, repeatable showers of iron needles, and even globs of lava. Support spells include reinforcement of weapons and armour, quick creation of healing potions, and smoke bombs.

Golemizer: A [ANTI UNIT]
Creates a large golem out of metal, hardened by Prana. This golem has all the properties of the metal used, though the stronger the metal, the stronger the golem. These golems materialize for the duration of the combat, expending more prana as the battle continues on. Materials expended are consumed.

A golem made of copper has:

Increase strength and endurance for stronger metals. THEORETICALLY, a diamond golem could be crafted, however, it would require an inordinately high amount of diamond material.

HISTORY: Olivi quickly realized that she wasn't cut out to be an ordinary girl, married off at a young age. Not because she was strong or because she was ugly, but because she was horribly shy. Her parents were born of common blood, but elevated due to Olivi's talents in rudimentary magic. The nobility believed that she could be a great alchemist and use her for great gain, but Olivi found that she was cripplingly unable to perform under even medium-pressure situations. Frustrated with her, they threw her out, though her parents by some miracle managed to stay in their circle. Betrayed, she sobbed and sobbed and sobbed in the streets.

At the age of eight, she was finally taken back into a home, though not her parent's home. A fledgling magi took pity on her and taught her more magic to help Olivi get back home while honing her own abilities. This sparked a rapid growth in magic for Olivi, quickly surpassing her mentor in almost every magic, though she had displayed a special talent in charms, potions, and alchemy. Olivi and her mentor smiled, as her mentor had learned one thing about her little pupil: great things come in all sizes. The teacher herself had learned how to apply her skills alongside her own to benefit others.

Then everything changed. Olivi was skipping along at the age of ten with Teacher when she looked at a stone... analyzing it. Caressing it. Soon, it shone with a bright light, drawing attention to them. At the end of the glowing, the stone had changed colour immensely. It was not a dull grey anymore, it was a bright golden rod... mostly because it had morphed into gold. Teacher had to pick her up and return them to their humble abode, looking at it again. Olivi would never forget the conversation after.

"Olivi, you can NOT let ANYONE know about this. NO ONE." She put a finger up on my lips, shushing me.
"But... it'll help us! Both of us!" Tears fell from my face, dampening my dry, suntanned skin.
"I know, I know, but... I can't let them get you."
"Teacher... I want to make you happy. Let me at least give you this..." I hold out the gold nugget, probably enough to last her for a looong time.
"I can't stay mad at you, can I? But I can't."
"You know what we should do with this?" She made it sound like a game.
"What, what?!?" I immediately perked up, bouncing with glee.
"Let's give this to an orphanage." It was an EXCELLENT idea! I hugged her at the mere mention if it.
"C'mon, c'mon!" No one would ever have to suffer like me ever again.

OCs/Potential OC pics Ad114430bd3162300160b392262859cde35949ed

That was the last conversation Olivi ever had with her mentor. A raid happened on the village, killing many people, including her teacher. She was only trying to save the people, but they cornered her. She couldn't handle it... and tracked down the mercenaries who killed her teacher for two years after the fact, living on her sustenance potions and bits and pieces of gold here and there when she could be in private, buying small meals. She seethed with anger when she found them, both battered and bruised, as she found it within her to raise her hand... and...


OCs/Potential OC pics E19ce88cd1fb58222332df8d4507eb2daddb092c

A monstrosity of iron and cobalt rose from the earth, smashing the girl's enemies immediately while letting her sit on its shoulder. "NOOOO DEFY MASSSTTTEEEEERRRRR!" was its deafening roar, as it singlehandedly took out the small army of mercenaries. All the blood... All the blood around her was too much to bear. The golem set her down and returned to the earth. All the blood... Olivi couldn't handle all the death. Falling to her knees, she sobbed for hours on end, and when she was found, she was taken to be the magician who slayed the entire Crevelin Crew.

She swore she didn't want the fame. On the one hand, she wanted to keep helping people, and continued to do so for the rest of her life. On the other, she could not handle the crippling pressure of being a saviour. The only way she could handle it was by shutting herself out when she was not saving her country from mercenaries. This continued on for years and years, until she was a young woman... which was when she was brutally assassinated while she was asleep after a botched golem accidentally slew a prominent man's daughter.

All she wants is to make amends to the one girl she accidentally killed.

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Post by Guest on 19th September 2012, 9:47 pm

Name: Victoire Z'Tan

Age: 21

Gender: F

Class: Arruinar

Personality: How shall I put this...? B*tchy. She's one bipolar chick and she isn't afraid to lash out at any of the people she loves. Her wit is not only sharp, but focused, and were it not for her bloodline, she'd be a perfect Ayudar in public. Perfect at masking her discontent for people, Victoire can be deadly even out of battle. In combat, however, she is as calm as a summer breeze, able to reel in her anger and think tactically instead of emotionally.

Something has to be said about her... information-seeking tendencies. Victoire does NOT like being kept out of the loop and will go to sometimes extreme ends to know what she wants to know.

Appearance: JUST as fiery as her personality, her hair can be described as a deep crimson or a seething scarlet. Sharp eyes and a stony face complete this line of thinking, giving her a dangerous feel sitting at a dinner table, let alone in full battle gear bearing down on an enemy. Her gear is unmistakably crimson along with her hair. Her pride and joy, this weapon of mass destruction is often swung and brought down with all the fury of a dangerous Earth Kurian.

OCs/Potential OC pics B5ae110a06331f09b274b26f48ef73066c04789e
OCs/Potential OC pics 39f093e8e538bc51f259a7fb3dbdb8902bc3ea4f

Family/Bloodline: She's not known for being a family kind of woman. Quickly infuriating her father and mother was key to staying sane in that household. After all, the two dropped out of school early to pursue a quiet country life, while Victoire would not go nearly as quietly. Her bloodline, however, is far more interesting, reaching back to one of the heroes defeating the Warrior Kings. This tale was never told to her, but it's part of her history.

Bond Strength: Zerr

Soul Level: 268

Combat Skills:
Poleaxe proficiency (Close to mastery)
Excellent strength, Great Dexterity and Agility, Okay magical ability, Subpar defense and endurance.

Additional Skills:

Magi Abilities:
Absorb Attack -- You may catch, block, or deflect a physical attack as if you were as equally strong as a Kurian. Blocks one strike, but this increases as you level.
Jump -- You can jump up to thirty feet away from where you are standing. Larger horizontal range while running. Distance improves while leveling. You aren't hurt when you land, if you land correctly.
Ice Spin -- You create a spinning, ice orb that circles your body in a two foot radius until launched at a foe or used to block an attack. It's attack can miss. Number of orbs increase as you level. Orbs explode when attacked.
Gust of Wind -- You generate a current of wind up to sixty feet away that is strong enough to blow away smoke and mess with the path of arrows. The strength of the wind and the range increase as you level.
Glide -- You can glide.
Resist Electric -- You can resist an electric attack, taking less or no damage, depending on the strength behind that attack. Resistance increases as you level.
Light Ray -- You can shoot a condensed beam of light for up to two hundred feet in a straight line that is approximately two inches in diameter. It can ignite burnable objects. This beam is instant and deals moderate damage. If toned down, can be used as a flashlight. ;D

Character History: Victoire was the runt of her family. However, she was definitely the feistiest of their little group of five, including her parents. While the others were still practicing their strokes, she was putting together combinations of strikes and swings as if she were a seasoned pro... mostly to chop wood for the fire, but it was something. Feared by her peers more for her fistfighting, however, by the time she got into school, it was no doubt what kind of a magi she would be.

Her time at the school was far more difficult, however. Victoire's hot-headed style clashed with the other many hotheads at her school, which forced her to re-evaluate her entire style over the course of her school life. Of course, she would still have bouts of anger, but now there was also a calculated measure to enforce with her. The teachers of her school praised her newfound patience while keeping her fire, and graduated her in the highest honours.

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Name: Soria Riesson
Age: 21
Gender: F
Alignment: CG
OCs/Potential OC pics 90075e052957d6fc14c8d0ff7c9f43c2c16db36e

Preferred Weapon: Sword and Shield
Skills: Weaponsmithing
Abilities: Soria can literally absorb magically based attacks and natural elements and either release them and blast the enemy, OOOORRRRR she can use them for things like ramps, weaponsmithing, etc. For attacks, she only absorbs a part of the attack into a charge, and two attacks result in one charge for THAT PARTICULAR ELEMENT. She takes damage while this goes on, but prolonged exposure to magic will give her a full charge for the element AND cause personality shifts for about a day, NONE OF WHICH are good for group morale. Considering her EXISTING personality, charges should be used SPARINGLY. More information of these element personality shifts in personality.

As for NATURAL elements, Soria naturally absorbs earth element just WALKING, though this amount is incredibly minute towards gaining a charge. As a day passes, she absorbs enough earth to gain HALF a charge point. This process can be sped up if earth is needed by feeding her a four-course meal in vegetables (though she's an incredibly picky eater), giving her a half charge on top of her charge, or submerging her in a mud bath, also worth a half charge. Both will likely take up your entire day, as Soria is incredibly stubborn and selfish.
Experience Level: Intermediate

Likes: Fashion, Shopping, Flings, Going out with friends, Parties
Dislikes: Responsibility, Work, Eating her Vegetables
Fears: Blackouts, Lack of Sales, Breaking her facade
Values: Trust, Good Nature
Bad Habits: Self-Centered Mannerisms, Temper Tantrums
General Personality: Soria is a bratty young female, having been raised in an upper-class family. She loves to know that she is, in fact, the best, and to some extent, her battle prowess somewhat supports this theory. This does NOT excuse her me-me-me attitude, or her temper tantrums involving crying and playing to other's guilty consciences to get her way, or even her tendencies to put down others to make herself feel better, mostly about her large man hands and other superficial facets of her life. Her TRUE friends, though, get a loyal and fun-loving side, though not one of bravery or courage in social situations, ESPECIALLY around men. On that note, on the battlefield, she is a lion, first to hit the training or battle field and last to leave it.

To note, this is how she swings her moods when overloaded with specific elements:

FIRE: She becomes incredibly hot headed.
WATER: Soria is known to be incredibly weepy.
LIGHTNING: The girl wants to jump up and down with bunches of energy.


Soria was born in Houston, Texas, and momma and daddy immediately put her on the fast-track to success. She was taught many things, including how to court a man, how to cook, how to clean, and how to do all these other things that would make a man happy. Momma was a homemaker, trapped in her position and unaware that she was trapped at all. Still, Soria had this mindset engrained into her, and she was doing what most young girls did, with the makeshift ovens and dolls.

Not for long. At the age of ten, WWII broke out, and the USA had ignored the call-to-arms at first. As usual, they didn't see the threat until the Germans had begun to make a heavy push at Great Britain. Seeing the threat, the army jumped into play years later, and Soria saw Dad's indecision as a sign of weakness. Not wanting to follow under EITHER of her parent's footsteps as fraidy-cats, she forced Daddy's hand and enrolled her into the best United States training facility money can buy. Unfortunately, none of these academies (Yes, she outgrew academies as she grew more skilled) could hold her for more than a year before she had FINALLY been allowed to go to the Imperial Academy, at the behest of her Daddy's wishes to protect her.

The Imperial Academy drilled her hard, and she had been pushed to the brink. Yes, she had trained to the point where she had become a warrior princess with the skills of Jeanne D'Arc, but she had been confused to the point where she did not know left from right. On one hand, there were the old-world ideas that a Woman's place was in the kitchen, leaving a lingering effect of being submissive to men. In the other, was the sense of entitlement and power that she got after graduating from the IA. She felt so free, so strong, that she had to fight this weakness and show that she was an independent woman, not needing a man in her life.

To this day, she struggles with her identity.

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