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Post by Guest on 12th September 2012, 1:01 pm

I thought it was about time I post my characters.
Most of them are for a specific world I have, called Kunikyou Iluciya. I'll update this list as I complete each profile.

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Miki's Dollhouse Empty Aveline Uzuki

Post by Guest on 12th September 2012, 1:03 pm

Name: Aveline Uzuki
Species: Human
Age: 19
--Spiritual Magic: She doesn't quite know how this works, all that she knows is that she's blessed by the four angels so that she can keep peace in Kunikyou and guard the temple. Her spells can purify any tainted soul.
--Instant Travel: Similar to teleportation, but she can only travel to close areas, mainly used in combat to quickly avoid enemies. She can't use this ability often
Affinity: Spirit
Spell Item: A silver crucifix with points made in a symbolical manner to the four angels. Each symbolizing spring, winter, summer, and autumn.
Personality: Aveline is quite a picky person when it comes to the temple, and her living environment. It's possible that she's an obsessive compulsive person when it comes to being tidy and nice. A kind person, she spends her days helping people throughout Reikai; Though she's generally cold towards carmina, despite the fact that she was trained to see every living thing as an equal.
Appearance: She is an "average girl bearing an average appearance," with dark black hair and purple eyes. Her hair is light brown on the tips due to a run-in with a carmina not too long ago (which is also the reason for her weak left ankle, which causes a slight limp.)
(I'm really tired, so I'm going to paste her old history here until I can type her coherent updated backstory.)
"When the maiden of the Four Angels is born, she automatically dooms her family. One would think that this is a sad thing, being born and knowing your birth would cause the death of your whole family; but I see it differently.
I was born in a kind and loving family. My mother and father raised me in the ways of the angels, teaching me the rights and wrongs of the world. My mother, who was the Angel's Maiden before me, would teach me some spiritual attacks, and sometimes even take me with her so I could watch her fight Carmina. My father would teach me things that I could learn in school, since I didn't go to the Hawn or Yasu villages' schools. I loved both of my parents more than the world itself; I didn't have grandparents or cousins, and I was about to learn why.
At the age of 10, my mother and father took me inside the shrine to talk. I know what you're thinking, "The birds and bees talk teehee~". No, not that kind of talk.
I had learned alot of Kunikyou's history from my father, so I knew about the Demon War thousands of years ago and the seal in the mountain. But I never knew that at the age of 15, the Angel's maiden would cause the death of ALL of her family before her. My mother assured me that their souls would be by my side through thick and thin, but I was never prepared for that kind of news.
It took me years to get over the depression that followed.
When I turned 13, I decided to make the most out of my time left with my family.
And I did.
I had accepted the fact that the deaths of my parents would protect the world of Kunikyou. Their souls would strengthen me, which in turn would strengthen the seal.
There's not much to say after that. I lived the rest of my life fulfilling my duty as the shrine maiden."

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Miki's Dollhouse Empty Aminah Frei

Post by Guest on 12th September 2012, 1:04 pm

Name: Aminah Frei
Alias: Crysis
Species: Mage
Age: Appears to be 20.
--Duplication: Crysis can make a "copy" of herself, allowing her to essentially be two places at once. If the copy gets hurt, Crysis isn't affected, but her energy still gets used up twice as fast (as long as the copy is out). If Crysis gets hurt, so does the copy. There are some drawbacks, though: The copy has adapted a personality of her own and often tries to defy her purpose. The copy must also be in contact with Crysis in order for her to become whole again. (If Crysis gets knocked out, the copy evaporates into mist and makes her way back to Crysis, but this leaves Crysis unable to use duplication for a few days.) Her copy cannot use magic, and is usually used as a distraction or for melee combat while Crysis casts spells.
--Communication With the Dead: Crysis can see, and oftentimes talk to spirits that still wander around Kunikyou.
--General Knowledge of Magic: Crysis can cast the basic spells from all of the elements, but hasn't bothered to learn much outside of her natural talents.
Affinity: Spirit
Spell Item: A silver staff with a color-changing jewel at the end. She uses it to cast more complicated spells.
Personality: Crysis is a generally level-headed girl with a passion for healing, and she often studies herbs and other medicinal methods. She has gotten lazy with magic, however, and only knows enough spells to get by because she spends less time on magic and more on medicine. The girl is slightly carefree and often seems apathetic, and can use foul language freely as if it were nothing.
Appearance: Crysis has a slightly bulky build, and bright green eyes. Her hair reaches her shoulders, colored a light periwinkle, with a lavender stripe down the left side.
History: She never knew her parents, but was raised by an old human who always told her "not to worry about it". This started the wave of apathy that hit her as a teenager, along with her procrastination. However, she always had an interest in herbs and the way medicines work. When the old man died, she was only sad for a little bit, because he came back to her almost every day until she learned to control her duplication ability; He then suddenly passed on if that were his "unfinished business" in the afterlife. That day on, she renamed herself "Crysis" and set out to be the best mage healer of all time. She moved to a small home in Yasu Village, though she spends most of her time exploring Kunikyou for herbs to make medicine because she's too cheap to buy them.

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Miki's Dollhouse Empty Evangelene L.K. Aldiane

Post by Guest on 12th September 2012, 1:04 pm

Birth Name: Evangelene L.K. Aldiane
Alias: Luna
Race: Carmina
Species: Luxa (Dream-Moon)
Blood Color: Icy-Blue
Age: 15
Appearance: Luna is a petite girl who appears to be about four-feet-nine-inches tall. Her crystal blue hair falls to her ankles in a straight-cut simple hairstyle. It doesn't get in her way because she is so used to it, and because she doesn't do much. It does sometimes get snagged on branches on her unlucky days. Luna has heterochromia, but is color blind in her left eye, resulting her seeing the world in more washed-out colors. Her right eye is a slightly darker shade of blue, and her left eye is colorless. She has the markings of Aylanet on her face, a dark mark under her left eye and a blue teardrop under her right.
Personality: Luna is delicate, refined, and extremely shy. She speaks only when spoken to and prefers to be in solitude. (She loves staring at the sky and being in high places) Luna may seem like a cold person, but she actually has a kind heart and is just too scared to get close to people.
Spell Item: Luna carries a fan with intricate patterns and lace bordering it, concealing retractable blades. She mainly uses it as a combat weapon when needed, and stores only a few ice spells in it.
Affinity: Ice
--Portals: Luna can create portals to the in-between, a world between the subconscious world and reality. Luna's in-between is a simple world, with a grassy meadow and white trees with glowing jewels as "fruit". Any flowers that appear there have petals made of jewels. She can also use her portals to travel short distances in the real world (a mile at most). Despite this being Luna's special ability, it depletes her energy quickly, resulting in her being unable to use it too often.
--Ice Magic: Luna's affinity is ice, which makes it easier and more "natural" to her to use ice magic. While she only knows a few freezing spells for self-defense, she tends to unintentionally make the air around her colder. This doesn't take as much energy as the portals, but the constant use of magic that comes from making the air around her colder makes it difficult to use magic.
--Agility and Dexterity: Luna may be small and weak, but she is swift. She can easily run through the forest without tripping and hurting herself. Having a small build, she can easily dodge things such as projectiles.
History: She doesn't know much past the age of ten, when she awoke in the forest Lumianri. Luna then encountered two kind Luneday from the small village settled there. The Luneday adopted her and raised her until the age of thirteen, when she decided she would rather be alone. Luna attempted to live on her own, but couldn't stand against most of the things in the wild. Now she lives in the trees and helps the Luneday villagers keep people from taking the precious flowers in the forest, occasionally going back to her old home to bathe and wash her clothes.

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