Multiversal Truths - Lux et Verita

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Multiversal Truths - Lux et Verita Empty Multiversal Truths - Lux et Verita

Post by Ink on 16th October 2017, 12:51 am

Multiversal Truths - Lux et Verita Lightandtruth_by_c_voyage-dbqm8na

Lux et Verita

Truth: A verified and indisputable fact.
For having such a simplistic definition, the concept of truth seems ever elusive. Call it what they may - a fib, a fabrication, a half-truth - men are deceivers. Anyone who claims to be the exception is either mad or lying. This is an irrefutable truth in the vastness of the multiverse. Some universes are wildly different, whereas others are incredibly similar, save for some minor discrepancies. But there are few things that every corner of the multiverse has in common. Few truths that reach across realities. And among those few multiversal truths is the enigmatic duo, Lux and Verita - Light and Truth.

The pair may diverge from their counterparts across the multiverse in subtle, or even drastic ways. But there will always be constants. They are avatars of truth, itself. In one universe that might make them champions of honesty, and exemplary heroes. But to another universe, they may just be hellbent on revealing the lies of those stewing in them, regardless of the merit of their deceptions. Whether compassion of punishment, Lux and Verita are formidable, no matter the universe. Frauds beware. The light of verity reveals your innermost secrets.

Lux and Verita's abilities vary from one universe to another, but they are absolutely always centered around the concepts of truth and lies. As such, most versions of them have abilities that draw a heavy influence from perception, such as illusions. Some are even capable of influencing reality, itself. One ability that is a multiversal constant for them, however, is their gift for lie detection. Both Lux and Verita are capable of innately knowing when someone is telling a lie. It doesn't stop there, however, as they are also capable of perceiving lies that their target has told in the past, as well. This doesn't necessarily translate to them automatically knowing what the truth is. But while some iterations may also possess that ability, others are generally smart enough to simply figure it out with no real difficulty.




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