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Post by Ink on 16th March 2018, 3:00 pm

Role-Play Maker: Ink

Role-Play Helper: TBD

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Post-Apocalypse, Science-Fiction
Themes: Religion, War, Racism, Discovery

Original or Fandom: Original

Burning Sky Information Thread
Burning Sky Storyline Thread
Burning Sky Registration

Base Plot/Info: The sky is on fire, the land runs rampant with monsters called the Akuma, and tensions rise between humans and horned beings known as Djinn. Much of the world is run by Creeds, representing the various core religions of society. All the while, the remnants of the old world continue to unearth themselves. What is your role in a world like this? A fighter, seeking glory or justice? An adventurer, hoping to discover great secrets? A diplomat, hoping to guide the world to peace? Or maybe just a person trying to hold their life together. Build your story alongside a host of diverse characters with stories of their own and see how you affect the world around you.

Level of Foul Language: Mild

Registration Status: Open; Not Yet Started

Comment(s): If you have any questions about the RP, drop Ink a line or ask in the Information/OOC Thread.

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